February 2015

Welcome to your February C.Gov User News update.  Every 2 months we will provide all our clients with an update on news and new apps from the C.Gov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site.

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  • C.Gov Plan for Success

Global View: The Patient Safety Company operates globally, currently active in 18 countries and utilised in over 450 different organisations. Some recent case studies that may be relevant for Australian customers include;

Canada: Comcare, the Australian Government’s Occupational Health and Safety Agency has developed a Risk Management Check List to help employers better understand the factors that predispose employees to soft tissue injuries, the most common reason for lost time claims, particularly in health care organisations. Using this check list our Canadian partner Neil Ritchie has configured a new App that incorporates the body stressing factors thought to be important predictors of injury. These include direct physical factors of work and the physical work environment, the way work is organised, the psychosocial factors as well as personal factors.

It seems that while obvious factors such as workers physical condition under workers control may place employees at risk, there are other important factors under the control of management that are also in play, such as how well conflict is resolved, job security and the length of shifts. The App is intended to help organisations focus their efforts on the most important areas for improvement.

North America: Our customer in Bonaire (in the Caribbean)  have used C.Gov to build more than 50 Business Process Solutions as part of a continuous quality improvement program. They have used the toolkit to build Apps for Clinical, HR, Finance and Operational Processes all integrated into a single system. Their vision is to migrate all paper based processes and all spreadsheets within the health service to C.Gov. We recommend Bonaire, in the Caribbean, as a reference site you should all visit! 

Europe: Over the last 2 years the Patient Safety Company in the Netherlands have implemented a bench-marking solution for radiotherapy clinics throughout Europe. More than 20 clinics submit summaries of each case with their outcomes and record all incidents into a shared environment where all data is available for bench-marking outcomes, investigations and quality improvement.

Australia: Cairns HHS in Queensland has implemented their annual Workplace Health and Safety checklist as a single C.Gov App that is completed incrementally each month, over a 12 month period. The App includes automatic risk assessment for each checklist completed in each location and triggers a workflow for immediate action and follow up each time it is required. The App is notable because of the sheer scale of this checklist required by Queensland Government regulations. This is a good example of an App you would want to copy rather than invest the time to develop from scratch.

Alterdesk Business Messenger: We are currently piloting a secure social media application “Alterdesk Business Messenger”, with all C.Gov System Managers. The pilot is based on our Webinar program using C.Gov training mini guides. The Messenger allows us to publish and maintain all training documents for immediate access by members of the group. It also provides the usual social media capability for chat groups, discussions and liaison between C.Gov Users in a secure environment.

Later this year the Business Messenger will become a new component linked to all C.Gov files to support secure communications and ultimately replace the requirement for email.

C.Gov Enterprise License: Did you know that in addition to Credentialing and Audits, the C.Gov system hosts another 8 Solutions consisting of more than 90 business process applications; that are able to be implemented under your C.Gov License? Typically two new Solutions are created each year, and up to 20 new business process applications are developed. The new C.Gov Enterprise License provides Customers with unlimited access to all C.Gov Solutions now and in the future. The business case is to implement one system that automates all governance, risk and compliance workflows and business processes integrated to your main operating systems. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the opportunity to make a strategic investment in quality and productivity with the C.Gov Enterprise License.

C.Gov Plan for Success: C.Gov Plan for Success is a new program offered to Enterprise License holders. It provides dedicated Consulting support at a 50% discount, over a 12 month period, to assist Customers to configure and implement new C.Gov Solutions. This means that the local System Managers can concentrate effort and time on the workflow design of the system and manage the live implementation, whilst we provide the behind the scenes C.Gov design and configuration work. The premise is that our Consultants can work much faster and also have more current knowledge of new configuration techniques and tools. Once all existing Enterprise Licensees have submitted their requirements for the ‘C.Gov Plan for Success”, any additional resources we have will be made available to other customers seeking a 12 month program of new Solutions or Apps, this is particularly helpful for sites looking to roll out a large series of new Audits.