April 2015

Welcome to your April C.Gov User News update.  Every 2 months we will provide all our clients with an update on news and new apps from the C.Gov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site – www.clinicalgovernance.com.au

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  • Australian Overview
  • Queensland Health Security Audit
  • C.Gov Conference
  • C.Gov Webinar program

Australian Overview: PSC Australia operates in more than 65 Public and Private Health Organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Some recent case studies from these customers include:

Integrated Audits, Risk & Quality Improvement: The C.Gov “Plan for Success” is now assisting a variety of Health Services to integrate their Solutions for Risk Management, Audits and Quality Improvement. This provides organisational capability in each of these 3 program areas and allows each Health Service to customise to their local policies and procedures.  This also establishes the Quality Improvement and Recommendation Tracking (QIRT) Solution as an organisation wide capability able to interface with every aspect of Health Service operations.

Clinical incidents, Consumer Feedback and OH&S: These business process Apps are integrated into a single solution for managing all reportable events. They can operate separately or together in an integrated system that is also linked to Risk Management and Improvement Tracking. Workflows and processes are individually configured for each Health Service requirement and data can be extracted to send to State Wide repositories.

Credentialing and Workforce Management: Credentialing Solutions are now being extended to include nursing, allied health and dental professionals, all linked to the AHPRA web service. New workforce management business processes are also being implemented in many Health Services for contract management, recruiting, on-boarding, performance management and CRM. A new HR capability matrix has been designed to show how all the different Apps link to a single integrated system.

Consumer Engagement & Outcomes: New Apps are being developed to create longitudinal consumer engagement records. These may be used to link patient records from external agencies like the new Primary Care Networks to the local Hospital systems.

Separate audits are also being developed for DRG related patient outcome reporting and patient satisfaction feedback.

Queensland Health Security Audit: In Queensland you may be aware that the Information Security Unit (ISU) recently conducted a review of C.Gov. The official response from the ISU was:

“Queensland Health is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of protection for confidential information across all systems, and as part of continual monitoring and evaluation recently launched an internal investigation into the security of a number of their systems.

This review was undertaken in consultation with a number of our partners, including PSC and as a result no privacy breaches were found. These reviews are ongoing and part of standard business practices.

Queensland Health is now also working collaboratively with PSC to accredit them as a full service provider and as part of the accreditation process PSC’s Australian data centres and protection policies and procedures will be reviewed.”

The review did highlight the importance of password security for C.Gov Users and the requirement to maintain user permissions on a needs only basis.

C.Gov Conference: The C.Gov Annual Conference will be held on the 31 August and 1 September in Brisbane. The conference will be hosted at the Jephson Conference Facility in Toowong. Conference details can be viewed under this link and you canregister now on our online form.

C.Gov Webinar Program: The C.Gov Security Management and Settings webinar program will finish on May 6, and we are seeking your feedback on topics that you would like included in future webinars.

The new program will be aimed at advanced topics and scenarios that you would like to see demonstrated. Some of the  advanced topics available include;

  • File Questions
  • Relationships and related files
  • Extended Mapping using SOAP
  • Global Triggers
  • General Reports for multi variable graphs
  • Calculated fields for Audit scoring
  • Matrix Question & Scoring
  • Creating and Maintaining File Components & File Headers
  • Advanced Reports

If you wish to request webinars on any of the suggested topics or any other component of C.Gov please submit your request to cseale@clinicalgovernance.com.au