August 2015

Welcome to your Cgov User News update.  Every 2 months we will provide all our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site,

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Cgov Brand Launch: The new Cgov brand and business name for PSC Australia will be launched on 1 September at our Annual Conference. You can see our new logo above, and after 1 September the new website will be live at and all our Solutions will be included under the Cgov Licence. We will also migrate all our email addresses to new dstuart@ addresses. The old website and email accounts will be kept for 3-6 Months, and wil be forwarded.

Cgov Solutions and Apps: Over the last few months we have had a lot of enquiries regarding Cgov Solutions and Apps that customers did not know were already included in their licence, or were available as a simple upgrade. Please review our latest list ofCgov Solutions and Apps to familiarise yourself with these opportunities, and pass the list on internally to the Managers responsible for these areas.

Please call the office for further information on any new Apps you may need or if you have a requirement for us to develop a new business process Solution or App. There are no limits to the topics we are prepared to look at and to try and help.

New Apps: New Apps currently in development are:

SMO/VMO Relationship Management – to record the series of conversations, agreements and meetings between Senior Medical Officers and Heads of Department Hospital Administration. This includes records of interview, performance reviews, CME, mandatory training and career progression statistics for each SMO/VMO.

Claims Management – to record patient claims for compensation, tracking each claim through its administrative and legal processes and also reporting to the Executive of the potential liability attributed to past and current claims.

Reportable Events – Integrated Apps are now available for Incidents, Consumer Feedback and OH&S Management. Each App can be implemented in any Private Health Organisation, Queensland HHS or Victorian Health Region for a fixed project price of $16,000 including customisation, data migration, reporting and integration with other hospital or State wide reporting systems. Licencing costs depend on your current Cgov licence.

Please contact our office on 07 3211 4444 to confirm your individual circumstances.

News from the Office: Jobs for two new consultants are being advertised, to allow us to keep up with demand for new projects and to maintain the high standard of support we provide to all our customers. The new staff should be on deck by October and will undertake a 6 month internship working under supervision before we graduate them as our newest Cgov Consultants.