October 2015

Welcome to your Cgov User News update.  Every 2 months we will provide all our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site, www.cgov.com.au

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Cgov Annual User Conference

  • Cgov Customer Portal
  • Cgov Case Study of Best Practice
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Cgov Annual User Conference:  We held our first Annual User Conference in September this year. It was a great success and the opportunity for users to meet and exchange ideas and create networks was taken up from all around Australia.  Over two days we discussed new Cgov product innovations, got feedback on improvements and several customers were able to present their own experience with implementing Cgov.

This will now be an annual event with the next Conference in Brisbane in Sep 2016.  I look forward to welcoming all of you in 2016.

Cgov Customer Portal: The new Cgov website  www.cgov.com.au has been updated to include a secure customer portal.  You can see a new Login option on the top right of the homepage.  The portal has 3 areas for our Knowledge Base, Discussion Forum, and to Contact Us.  The Knowledge Base will be the location where all User Guides are stored for your access and where we maintain the latest information on the Business Processes support by each Solution.

The Cgov Forum is a platform for you to communicate directly with each other on any topic you want to raise.  The first topic we would like to get feedback on is the content you want to see us cover in our System manager Webinars for the remainder of this year.  Please visit the portal to offer your suggestions.

To access the Portal please email us and ask for a user name and password.  Please treat access to the Porta as Confidential Information as we will be providing information that is commercially sensitive.

Cgov Case Study of Best Practice: One of the recommendations from the Conference was to undertake a study of best practice for implementing new Cgov Solutions.  With the experience of over 80 projects in the last 3 years we have been able to look back and start a Case Study for Success using Cgov Solutions.  There are many lessons learned and the full study will take some time to complete for publication, but I can disclose the highlights so far.

A successful project is defined by the ability of an organisation to implement the system in a predictable timeframe and to achieve user acceptance from all the different stakeholders who participate in the business processes being automated.  The ROI for a successful project will be measured in productivity savings, risk mitigation, compliance, or reduced costs.

The common features for successful Cgov projects are:

  • Executive leadership and engagement throughout the project
  • Clear statements of the business process to be automated
  • Early engagement with users who will be impacted
  • Willingness to accept change as users submit ideas for process improvements.
  • Use of Cgov consultants for configuration and training
  • Using Train the Trainer for local staff to support users during change management

Customers using these principles have been able to successfully implement up to 8 new Solutions in a 12 month period.  We will have more to say about the Case Study in the future.   

New Apps: New Apps currently in development are:

WebPAS Interface Apps – Several new web service interfaces have been developed between Cgov and WebPAS systems.  These allow for bi-directional transfer of data to maintain doctors records for personal details, AHPRA Registration, Indemnity and Credentialing data.  Another App is being used to export data from WebPAS that can then be used to maintain Cgov records of admissions, bed days and revenue from each Dr linked to a relationship tracking file.

Document Drafting App.  We have recently developed a new App for the drafting business process for new Policies or Procedures.  This is an enhancement to the existing Policy and procedure Management Solution.  The new App integrates into the solution and completes the full set of business processes required for document management.

Reportable Events – Integrated Apps are now available for Incidents, Consumer Feedback and OH&S Management. Each App can be implemented in any Private Health Organisation, Queensland HHS or Victorian Health Region for a fixed project price of $16,000 including customisation, data migration, reporting and integration with other hospital or State wide reporting systems. Licencing costs depend on your current Cgov licence.

Please contact our office on 07 3211 4444 to confirm your individual circumstances.

News from the Office: We are happy to welcome Alex Brabyn into the team as a new Consultant.  Alex started work in Sep and has already become part of the team working on developing and implementing new Solutions.  A second new consultant will be joining us in November.  We also welcome Karem Jave as the new Office Manager.  Karem started work on 12 Oct so I am sure many of you have already spoken to her over the phone.
This month we also say farewell to Ethan Korolyov and Carol Seale.  Ethan is taking 12 months leave to travel in Europe and Carol has chosen to start a new career with NAB.  We wish them both well and look forward to staying in contact.