February 2016

Welcome to your Cgov User News update.  Every 2 months we will provide all our clients with an update on product news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site, www.cgov.com.au

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  • AHPRA Alerts Register
  • NEW Solutions Available in 2016
  • QISIS Update for Qld Health
  • New Cgov Update Schedule
  • Office Update – New Staff
  • Easter Holiday

AHPRA Alerts Register:  In response to recent recommendations arising from the Djerriwarrh Investigations in Victoria and requests from many customers, we have released a new App for managing AHPRA Alerts. This app is licensed free for all customers with the Credentialing and Workforce Management Solutions.

The App retrieves data from all registered clinicians (SMO, Nurses and AH) on a weekly or monthly cycle and raises an Alert Flag if any file is subject to Cautions, Undertakings, Reprimands or Conditions.

The App provides reports and dashboards for immediate notification of AHPRA Alerts and also for AHPRA Registration renewal statistics. Alerts can be reviewed and waived if they are not material and more serious issues can be marked for action which has to be followed up.

There are no additional AHPRA fees, and the new App runs using the existing AHPRA Deed of License used for the PIE Find Service.

Please call our office to enquire for a demonstration or to ask any questions.

New Solutions Planned in 2016: Its only February but already we have started development of several new Cgov Solutions. These are all available for FREE for Enterprise IPSN Customers.

Record of Medical Employment: A new HR App for whole of life clinical workforce management: from advertising and recruitment to on-boarding, through administrative management and separation records. Separate data is stored and tracked for every member of staff for area of need justification, residency, immunisations, Medicare details and many other HR processes.

Locum Management: Business processes are automated for the request, authorisation, appointment, on-boarding and separation of Locums. Linked to Credentialing this App allows Health Services to track multiple Locum Contracts within a single Credentialing period.

Clinical Placement Management Solution: This CPM Solution is being developed for managing medical training placements from the Health Service perspective. It handles placements from the Medical Services, Nursing and Midwifery and Allied Health. It creates a standardised and automated process for assigning and managing students from many different Educational Institutions.

Cgov Audit Scheduler and Quality Improvement Solution: This is a hybrid of the current Audit and QIRT Solutions. The scheduler provides a process control system to distribute all audits throughout the Health Service across all topics and all formats for data collection. The Scheduler lets you import audit data from external systems such as the ieMR as well using local audit forms in addition to Cgov Audit Apps. This is the first integrated auditing and quality improvement system that includes Executive Reports as well as live Dashboards of National Standards and other KPI.

Other new Applications include:

  • Policy and Procedure Drafting App
  • Met Calls
  • Annual Workplace Health and Safety Audits including action plans
  • Pharmacy Process Management Apps including IPA and Fridge Audits.

QISIS Update for Qld Health: You will aware that we were not successful in the QH Tender to replace PRIME.  However we will honour our commitments for all HHS with Cgov Licenses, to offer a 100% functionally compliant Solution for CI, CF, OH&S and a Risk Management Solution, this is free for existing Enterprise customers.  This will include the ability to update the QH Statewide Register for these events, when this Register is specified.

We can supply any one or all of these Solutions to those HHS with existing Licenses for Credentialing and Workforce Management, just call our Office to discuss any local requirements you have.  Specifically you might be interested to see our latest CF Solution deployed at Barwon Health in Vic where they replaced the Riskman system with Cgov.

New Schedule for Cgov Updates: The current Cgov release is Version 6-2016-02. New releases are now scheduled every 4 weeks, so 6-2016-03 will be released on the 15th March. We will issue Release Notes for all System Managers the week before the system is updated.

Office Update: As we continue to grow with more customers we are always careful to ensure we have sufficient experienced staff to support our existing customers. Since the start of the year we have recruited 3 new Consultants – Andrew Conaghan, Hannah Usher and Rowen Semple.

I am also pleased to introduce our new Office Manager Eliza Keeley. Please call Eliza with any questions or requests for support or information.

Easter Public Holiday: The Cgov office will close over the Easter holiday period from 25th to 28th March. Support emails and IDIS issues will continue to be monitored and responded to. Pri 1 or Critical Support Issues will still be monitored on a 24/7 basis.