Risk Management of AHPRA Registration Data

After the last QH Cgov Intellectual Property Sharing Network (ISPN) Meeting, there was a decision to distribute information about the new Cgov AHPRA Risk Register to all Cgov customers in Qld Health.  This is a new web service that uses the AHPRA PIE Find Service for the effective risk management of AHPRA Registrations, Alerts and Renewals in one system.  Queensland Health customers with existing Credentialing Licenses are able to upload this register for free and it can be configured for local use under the existing Support Services Agreement;  HHS can continue to use their existing AHPRA Deed of License and there are no additional AHPRA data access fees – so there are no additional costs.

Cgov are releasing the AHPRA Risk Register for Qld Health sites starting 11 April.  To facilitate this release we will allow access to evaluate a Sample HHS Register for all Qld Health Services from Monday 18th April. We are also providing a series of free online demonstration and training webinars starting that same week.

The Cgov AHPRA Register provides a secure solution for:

  • Scheduled data retrieval from the AHPRA Practitioner Information Exchange (PIE), providing management reports for all medical officers, nurses and allied health professionals within your Health Service. Cgov checks each file regularly for new data relating to cautions, conditions, reprimands or undertakings imposed by AHPRA. Alerts are automatically generated and key staff notified. Cgov also monitors and provides reports on the status of all AHPRA renewals and provides alerts for overdue renewals.
  • Because the register always contains the most recent record of AHPRA data is can used to report AHPRA Registration for QH Credentialing requirements or for other 3rd parties who require guaranteed up to date data. It also links the latest AHPRA record to your local Cgov Credentialing Files for each health professional.

Of course the existing Cgov web service that downloads AHPRA records of evidence to credentialing files will continue to operate as the record of AHPRA data available at the time each credentialing decision is made. This AHPRA data, linked to records of training and other credentialing information provides the best possible record of evidence to explain and justify decisions that may need to be investigated many years after the fact.