August 2017

Welcome to your Cgov System Manager update. Every 2 months we will provide all our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site,

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Cgov Annual Conference Update
Cgov Melbourne Office Opening
Consumer Engagement Solution
Individual Expenses Management
Release of Information
Product News

Cgov Annual Conference Update: Thank you for a great response for our Conference this year! We have almost 50 people attending from across Australia. I am also happy to announce our specialist guest speakers from AHPRA and from BDO Consulting + “our special guest” Steven Bradbury Australia’s first Winter Olympic Gold medallist.  Everyone remembers that night in 2002 when Steve held his nerve and was the “last man standing” to win the Gold.
Our Technical Program and Case Studies are also fully subscribed. They will be a great opportunity for networking and sharing experience.
See the Agenda for further details on this years conference, we hope to see all your faces there this year.

Cgov Melbourne Office Opening: Given the great response we have had from Victorian Health Services in the last 12 months, we have decided to open an Office in Melbourne from 11 Sep 2017. Varsha Maveli Kizhakayil is moving from Brisbane as our new Melbourne based Senior Project Manager and we will start recruiting new staff in Melbourne before the end of the year.
Our new address is Level 1 Legacy House, 293 Swanston St, Melbourne. Details of our contact number and other information will be sent out to all Victorian customers. Victorian customers with existing support relationships with other consultants will also meet Varsha as soon as she is settled in Melbourne.

Cgov Engagement Solution: Cgov is launching a new Solution for Consumer Engagement in September. This is a consolidation of existing business process Apps for Discharge/Clinic exit surveys, Patient Experience Surveys, Consumer Participation Registers and Longitudinal Studies of Patient Outcome and Quality of Life.
This will be a collaborative product development with input from several Health Services in both Qld and Victoria. Please contact Julia in the office if you want input into this highly relevant new Solution.

Individual Expense Management: The CME Expenses management App developed in Victoria now has the ability to track expenses for any purpose such as travel, research, or project based expenses for cost recovery. It includes the ability to track individual costs compared to budget figures for individual staff or designated activities.

Release Information: ROI is a new development we will be piloting before the end of this year. Requests for information from Health Services is becoming a more sensitive issue. An online Solution for this business process that tracks and links requests to staff and patient files, provides a significant improvement to current practices.

Product News: The Cgov upgrade Release 6-2017-09 due in September is scheduled to include two significant enhancements. An upgrade to php-7 using XML5 capabilities and improve system performance, and the new Mobile First update which will enable all forms to be displayed and completed on any smartphone interface including iPhone and Android phones. Both these will be retrospective for all existing solutions and Apps. We will be running Webinars to explain the impact of these upgrades during September.