November 2018

Welcome to your Cgov Customer update. Every 2 months we will provide all of our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our web site:

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Thankyou: Cgov will celebrate our 10th birthday in September 2019, with a special event at our Annual Conference. So as we look forward to our second decade I wanted to offer my personal thanks to all those who have made the journey with us. Since 2009 we have implemented 138 Solutions to 42 different Customer Organisations in every State of Australia and in New Zealand. Today we are managing 22 concurrent projects and have resolved the 6,234th IDIS Issue. As we commit ourselves to this, and future work, we strive to live by some very specific values:

  • Exceeding  your expectations, delivering solutions not software
  • Honesty
  • Align our success to your success
  • Initiative

I hope we can continue to work with you all for another 10 years.
– Darryl Stuart,  CEO

Browsers Supported by Cgov: In response to recent issues, users who access Cgov on older laptops should check the version of the browser they are using. Users can access Cgov Solutions from any supported browser: including IE10 or 11, and the latest 2 versions released for Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Access by non-supported browsers such as IE9 or older versions of Safari may still work but some features may not display correctly and the security enhancements in later versions will not be available.

Smartphones Supported by Cgov: Users can access Cgov Mobile First forms on any smartphone running iOS or Android operating systems.

Cgov Engagement Solution: Cgov has re-launched a new version of our Solution for Consumer Engagement. This is a consolidation of existing business process Apps for Discharge/Clinic exit surveys, Patient Experience Surveys, Consumer Participation Registers and Longitudinal Studies of Patient Outcome and Quality of Life. This will be a collaborative product development with input from several Health Services in both Queensland and Victoria.

Staff Grievance and Misconduct Management: This Solution is now in live use to deal with the confidential processes for staff grievance and misconduct. This has been an urgent requirement in many Public Sector organisations.

Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement: As part of our experience implementing over 120 projects we have recently developed our own Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement App. It provides a solution for Customers to assist in planning and tracking records of Stakeholder engagement to achieve change management outcomes as new IT or HR systems are implemented. It could also be used for tracking the implementation of clinical systems. We are making this App available to all existing customers as part of their current Solution Licenses. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Office News: Christmas decorations go up on the 1st December here at Cgov. From all of the Cgov Team, we would like to wish all our customers around Australia and New Zealand a very Merry Christmas with a welcome break after a busy year and a Happy New Year for 2019. The Cgov Office will be closed from 24th Dec to 4th January. During this time we will still respond to Critical Pri 1 Issues and to reported IDIS Online Support Requests (OSR). However the office will not be open and the phones will be forwarded to our message bank during that period.