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Cgov Conference Report
Cgov New Capabilities
SMS Messaging
Consolidation of Attachments
Customised Sent Email Address
Avant Webservice for Certificates of Insurance
New Product Details
Office Update

Cgov Conference Report:
The Conference at QT on the Gold Coast was a great success. More than 50 people attended from 21 customers. The new program which had a lot more emphasis on Networking opportunities and product education was well received.  We have sent feedback forms to all those who attended, please send us your comments and suggestions for next year. The Conference in 2020 will be at QT again on 14th and 15th September.
Cgov New Capabilities:
This year at the Conference we announced a number of new Cgov features for:

  • SMS Messaging integrated with Cgov Workflows
  • CgovAccess archiving of Cgov Files to HP TRIM
  • Grouping attachments into single PDF’s
  • Customising Sent Email Addresses
  • Avant webservice for Certificates of Insurance (COI)

See the details of each new feature below or call us on 07 3211 4444 for a demonstration.

SMS Messaging:
Cgov can now send SMS messages to mobile phones, including the ability to send links to open Cgov Invitation Forms. This means you can now replace email notifications, reminders or requests for additional information with SMS messages. This new feature based on CgovAccess also allows for users to send ad hoc SMS to individuals as well as bulk personalised SMS’s to groups. Customers with Enterprise Licenses have access to this feature with no additional cost.
Grouping Attachments:
Often in a workflow a user needs to access and review several attachments, like a Dr’s CV, Qualifications and Referees. CgovAccess now allows you to use a workflow action to export any group of attachments and merge them into a single PDF file. CgovAccess then imports the new merged PDF file back into the correspondence folder of the original File. Thus a reviewer only needs to find and open a single PDF to complete their task.
Customising Sent Email Addresses:  
Cgov has now developed the ability to offer SPF records for customised email addresses. Many customers may have experienced significant delays in the setup of new email addresses, however now Cgov has developed this capability inhouse and can create and implement SPF records for customised email addresses.

Avant Webservice for Certificates of Insurance COI:
The Cgov webservice for Avant COI data has now been upgraded to be available to all customers. Reduce the time and effort to maintain current indemnity information for all those Dr’s insured with Avant. Additional webservices for other insurers are in the pipeline.
New Cgov Product Details:
We released new versions of all current Cgov Solutions at the Conference and the Product details on our website will be updated soon.

  • CgovCred: Credentialing and scope of practice for SMO/VMO’s, Nursing, Allied Health, Pharmacy and other medical workforce groups
  • CgovWFM: Workforce Management Apps for recruiting, onboarding, training records, performance reviews, expenses, sabbaticals and leave, separation and all similar contractor or locum processes. Also called Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • CgovGRC: Integrated Governance Risk and Compliance including Apps for Incident Management, Feedback (complaints, compliments and suggestions), Risk Management, CA/PA improvements, WHS, Policies and Procedures, Audits and other requirements for EQUIP2 Certification
  • CgovJMS: Junior Medical Staff, records of recruiting, onboarding, allocation, 52 week rosters and records of education and credentialing
  • CgovEngage: Consumer Engagement for surveys, focus group and research participation, as well as follow up of clinical outcomes
  • CgovForms: Convert any paper forms or spreadsheets into automated online processes including forms and SMS messaging for mobile phones
  • CgovPharma: Apps to support Pharmacy operations including the approval process for non formulary medicines and to track outcomes and adverse effects of prescribed medicines
  • CgovCAMS: Complaints, Appeals and Misconduct Solution for Higher Education, Healthcare and Government Agencies
  • CgovQIRT: Organisation wide Quality Improvement and Recommendation Tracking
  • CgovAccess: Cgov integration middleware with API’s for any local database or software platform, including csv ETL,SFTP, REST, OData and other web service integration options

Please contact the office in Brisbane or Melbourne to receive a copy of the latest brochures.

Office News:
We are currently recruiting two new Interns for the Melbourne Office in October and planning has started for the relocation to a larger office in Melbourne for 2020.

Please don’t hesitate to share this newsletter with your colleagues and associates in your organisation and other organisations you feel will benefit from our solutions. For more information on our Full Range of Cgov Solutions, please contact us directly on 07 3211 4444, or email us at admin@