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Cgov celebrated our 10th birthday in September, with a special event at our Annual Conference. So as we look forward to our second decade I wanted to offer my personal thanks to all those who have made the journey with us. Since 2009 we have implemented 213 Solutions to 58 different Customer Organisations in every State of Australia and in New Zealand. Today we are managing 46 concurrent projects and have resolved the 9,077th IDIS Issue. As we commit ourselves to this, and future work, we strive to live by some very specific values:

  • Exceeding your expectations, delivering practical solutions
  • Honesty
  • Align our success to your success
  • Initiative

I hope we can continue to work with you all for another 10 years.
– Darryl Stuart,  CEO

Cgov New Partners:

Our relationship with Avant has already led to the release of a new webservice for Certificates of Insurance being available to all Cgov Customers. This reduces the time and effort to maintain current indemnity information for all those Dr’s insured with Avant. We are working with PHP in America to share intellectual property as we each develop new Apps for safety, risk, quality, compliance and operational requirements. We also share integration solutions for EPIC, Cerner, WebPAS and other EMR and Medical HR systems.

NDIS Restricted Practices Solution:

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Restrictive Practices and Behaviour Support) Rules 2018; certain restrictive practices are subject to regulation. These include seclusion, chemical restraint, mechanical restraint, physical restraint and environmental restraint. States and territories remain responsible for the authorisation of restrictive practices, thus Cgov has developed a solution to manage the process for the application, approval and monitoring of all Restrictive Practices to be compliant with NDIS and State regulations.

S8 Opioid Notification and Approval:
New rules are in place for the notification and approval of S8 Opioid Drugs. Cgov has developed the Solution for healthcare organisations to manage processes for the Notification of unrestricted S8 Drugs and Approval for the prescription of restricted S8 drugs. This data is then cross referenced with the new National Data Exchange (NDE) for S8 Drugs. Reports can be run to track multiple prescriptions for the same patient and to cross reference the dispensing of S8 drugs against the correct notification or approval processes.

New Cgov Product Details:
This year we have consolidated all our apps and solutions to reflect our position as a specialist Low Code Applicational Development platform for healthcare. We use the TPSC Codeless Development Toolkit with our knowledge of healthcare risk, compliance and operational requirements.  Thus you now have access to our new Solution Library including:

  • CgovCred: Credentialing and scope of practice for SMO/VMO’s, Nursing, Allied Health, Pharmacy, Radiology and other medical workforce groups
  • CgovWFM: Workforce Management Apps for recruiting, onboarding, training records, performance reviews, expenses, sabbaticals and leave, separation and all similar contractor or locum processes. Also called Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • CgovGRC: Integrated Governance Risk and Compliance including Apps for Incident Management, Feedback (complaints, compliments and suggestions), Risk Management, CA/PA improvements, WHS, Policies and Procedures, Audits and other requirements for EQUIP2 Certification
  • CgovJMS: Junior Medical Staff, records of recruiting, onboarding, allocation, 52 week rosters and records of education and credentialing
  • CgovEngage: Consumer Engagement for surveys, focus group and research participation, as well as follow up of clinical outcomes
  • CgovForms: Convert any paper forms or spreadsheets into automated online processes including forms and SMS messaging for mobile phones
  • CgovPharma: Apps to support Pharmacy operations including the approval process for non formulary medicines and to track outcomes and adverse effects of prescribed medicines
  • CgovCAMS: Complaints, Appeals and Misconduct Solution
  • CgovQIRT: Organisation wide Quality Improvement and Recommendation Tracking
  • CgovAccess: Cgov integration middleware with API’s for any local database or software platform, including csv ETL,SFTP, REST, OData and other web service integration options

Please contact the office in Brisbane or Melbourne to receive a copy of the latest brochures.

Office News:
Please welcome Chris Constantinou to the Cgov team in Melbourne. Chris started work on 18th November. I would also like to acknowledge the promotion of Wesley Chang to Senior Consultant status. Christmas decorations go up on the 1st December here at Cgov. From all of the Cgov Team, we would like to wish all our customers around Australia and New Zealand a very Merry Christmas with a welcome break after a busy year and a Happy New Year for 2020. This year the Cgov Office in Brisbane on 07 3211 4444, will be manned throughout the Christmas period, to provide continuity of support and continue work on current projects.