Cgov Newsletter February

By Administrator

Welcome to your Cgov Customer update. Every two months we will provide all of our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below.

Welcome to 2020
New Partners
NDIS Restraint Management
M&M Audit Tool Solution
Victorian User Group Meetings
New Product Features
Office Update

Welcome to 2020:
A belated welcome to the New Year. 2020 has started in a blaze of activity for Cgov. This year will see new Solutions released and a focus on deploying Cgov as a “No Code Application Development” Platform. Free trial environments will be available for healthcare organisations to train superusers to build local Apps to replace spreadsheets or single purpose database or sharepoint processes with automated online Cgov Solutions. This year Cgov will also expand our integration capability to help healthcare organisations develop Apps that integrate with existing EMR, HR, Pharmacy or Finance systems.

Cgov New Partners:
This year we have established a new strategic partnership with Symplr a US specialist Healthcare GRC Software Company, based in Huston Texas. Symplr provide us with a much bigger company supporting the ongoing development of our Platform, TPSC Cloud. They also provide the opportunity for Cgov to offer new products to our Australian and NZ customers, and for us to offer Solutions in the US market. If you visit you will very quickly see the synergies between the two companies, as we both focus on credentialing and workforce management Solutions.   

NDIS Restricted PracticesSolution:
Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Restrictive Practices and Behaviour Support) Rules 2018; certain restrictive practices are subject to regulation. These include seclusion, chemical restraint, mechanical restraint, physical restraint and environmental restraint. States and territories health services remain responsible for the authorisation of restrictive practices, thus Cgov has developed a solution to manage the process for the application, approval and monitoring of all Restrictive Practices to be compliant with NDIS and State regulations.

M&M Audit Tool:
Developing a fully integrated Solution for Mortality and Morbidity reviews and investigations has been a high priority requirement for almost 10 years. The challenge has been to integrate all the data sources into a simple workflow for Senior Dr’s and Patient Safety Staff to operate. The new Cgov M&M Solution has now met these requirements for live use at large Health Services. Please call the office for details or a demonstration.

Victorian User Group Meetings:
As a result of feedback at last year’s Conference we are scheduling product specific User Group and Networking Meetings in Melbourne for local customers. The first of these meetings are on 3rd and 4th March at the Royce Hotel, 379 St Kilda Rd from 11.30 to 1.30pm. The Meeting on Tuesday 3rd March will focus on Credentialing including proposals for the sharing of data as recommended for the Victorian Centralised Credentialing System VCCS. The meeting on Wednesday 4th March will be for customers to discuss requirements for the replacement of VHIMS (Riskman) in Victoria with new Solutions for Incidents, Complaints, Risk and Quality Improvement. If you want to attend these User Group meetings, please contact Sumer in the Brisbane Office ASAP on 07 3211 4444.

New Cgov Product Features:
This year there will be a regular flow of new features released every month as part of Constructive Maintenance. As with all our Subscription Agreements, these enhancements are included in your local Licenses at no additional subscription cost. In February you will see a new feature that allows you to display a link to open attachments from Back Office tabs. It works by including Attachment Questions from any form or invitation in the edit tab layout tool to configure the Back Office of any Cgov App. This removes the requirement to navigate to the attachments section to see and open a specific attachment. This will also help users who want to open attachments on an iPad or other touch screen device.

Office News:
Our Melbourne Office has relocated to the City on Level 36, 360 Elizabeth Street with their new direct phone number now 03 9026 5997. Also please welcome Nadya and Matt who will be starting as Junior Consultants in the Melbourne office this week, and Emily Mills who is starting in the Brisbane office this week as an Administration Assistant.