Cgov Newsletter April

By Administrator

COVID-19 Update
Cgov New Apps
New Cgov Product Features
Office Update

Covid-19 Update:
We are continuing to operate at 100% of capability during this period of individual isolation and social distancing. I am sure you have all come across the same challenges with staff working from home and managing all relationships online. We are still manning the Brisbane Office but all project work and support requests are now 100% managed online.

Cgov New Apps:
In response to requests for support we have released two new Solutions/Apps to assist healthcare organisations to manage new requirements arising from the Covid-19 emergency.

Cgov Emergency Response Workforce Management:
Northern Territory Health have developed a new Solution to manage the registration and assignment of volunteers to assist in the Covid-19 response. See the Online Fact Sheet describing this new Cgov Covid-19 ERVM Solution here  or forward this email to your local Emergency Response Team. Please contact the Cgov Office on 07 3211 4444 if you would like further information or a demonstration, or email us on admin@

Cgov Call Logging for CDC:
Because of the increase in calls to State based Centres for Disease Control (CDC) Cgov have developed a new App for call logging.  All new calls are logged and a record is maintained of the questions asked and the advice given. The App also provides tracking when multiple calls come from the same person, or if calls come from Clinicians seeking information. Please contact the Cgov Office on 07 3211 4444 if you would like further information or a demonstration, or email us on admin@

New Cgov Product Features:
This year we have implemented a series of new features for:

Links to Attachments in Back Office Tabs: This enhancements allows users to open an Attachment (uploaded via a form or invitation) directly from the backoffice screen displaying the file’s review and recommendations. This removes the need for users to navigate to the Attachments Section of the file.

CgovAccess Integration API’s: Our integration middleware CgovAccess, now includes the ability to link to HPTRIM and other HP Document Management Systems.This provides the ability to archive all Correspondence and Attachments as well as the data for any file.This archiving can be incremental over the life of a new file or managed as a single action when the file is closed/completed.

Office News:
Both our Brisbane and Melbourne offices remain closed with majority of staff working from home. Please be aware that all staff can be contacted directly via email or IDIS and that calls to the Brisbane office will be still answered.