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Cgov 2020 Conference Update
New Cgov Customers
Cgov Customer Upgrades
New Solutions Available
New Capabilities
Office Covid-19 Update

Cgov 2020 Conference Update:
As we have advertised, our annual conference this year is scheduled to be at QT on the Gold Coast on the 14th – 15th September 2020 with an additional Systems Manager Training day on 16th September. We believe (hope!) that interstate travel will be permitted by this date, and we have kept the booking with QT. However there will be some changes as we comply with long term social distancing rules. So I would like to hear your feedback, should we persist with the scheduled Conference in September this year, or defer the conference to a date in March 2021 next year, still at QT. Please use this feedback link and confirm your plans to attend and which date is preferred.

Cgov New Customers:
I am pleased to announce a number of new Customers using Cgov Solutions for the first time in 2020:

Swan Hill District Health have subscribed to the Credentialing Lite Solution as part of the larger Subscription held by Loddon Mallee Rural Health Alliance (LMRHA) in Victoria.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (PMCC) has subscribed to our Credentialing Solution including integration within the Melbourne Parkville Precinct.

Monash Health in Victoria have subscribed to our Credentialing Solution with additional Modules for CME Expenses Management.

QScan Group have subscribed to Credentialing Lite for use across their 72 locations around Australia.

Children’s Health Queensland, Gold Coast HHS and Darling Downs HHS have all subscribed to the new Pharmacy IPA Solution.
Customers Upgrading to New Cgov Solutions:
Many Customers have also recently upgraded to CgovCred4 to use new features not available in their original Subscriptions:

  • Central Queensland HHS
  • Mackay HHS
  • Darling Downs HHS
  • Cabrini Health
  • St. Vincent’s Healthcare Australia

Please contact us if you are not using the most recent version of CgovCred, your upgrade is license free.
Cgov New Solutions:
The Cgov Credentialing and Medical Workforce Management Solutions have now been expanded to cater for different professional groups requirements. Dedicated Modules have been developed for:

  • Junior Doctors
  • Nursing
  • Allied Health
  • Pharmacy and,
  • Radiology Departments

The other Cgov Solution being implemented in multiple new sites this year is for Staff Medical Records. The CgovSMR Solution includes customised Health Profiles, Vaccination Records and Respiratory (Covid-19), Needle and Blood Exposure incident management.
Cgov Capabilities Update:
New Cgov features demonstrated last year are now ready for deployment:

  • SMS Messaging integrated with Cgov Workflows
  • CgovAccess integration with HR, Finance, PAS and EMR databases.
  • Grouping attachments into single PDF’s
  • Customising Sent Email Addresses
  • Avant webservice for Certificates of Insurance (COI)

Call us on 07 3211 4444 for a demonstration.

Office Covid-19 News:
I would like thank everyone for their patience and support during the last 3 months. We are continuing to maintain 100% project and support services as we transition to the post Covid-19 workplace. The Brisbane Office will transition with a rotating 50% return to office starting from 15th June. We are waiting for a relaxation of the Covid-19 rules in Victoria to plan a return to work for the Melbourne Office. Please know during this time the best way to get in contact with your consultant is still via IDIS or directly by email.