Cgov Newsletter September

By Administrator

Office Covid-19 Update
Systems Manager Training
Cgov Certificate of Insurance (COI) Webservice
New Customer Feedback Process
Cgov No Code Application Development

Office Covid-19 Update:
The Brisbane office is now running at 100% with everyone back in the Office. The Melbourne office remains closed and all staff continue to work from home.This is likely to continue until at least the end of October. Our thoughts are with Varsha and her team and all our customers in Victoria at this frustrating time. Please call us in Brisbane on 07 3211 4444 or use direct emails to contact your Melbourne based Consultants. New IDIS cases should still be submitted using the online form.

I would also like to introduce Kathleen Carlyon who has started work in Brisbane as our new Business Development Manager. Kathleen may be in contact before the end of this year to introduce herself and to collect information for Case Studies to showcase the variety of Solutions now available in Cgov.

Systems Manager Training:
Thank you for the great response to our Systems Manager Training opportunity which is scheduled for October. We are running dedicated sessions for each Customer (12) so that the training relates directly to your Solutions. Given the popularity I believe we will now run these sessions every 6 months either as part of the Annual Conference or as a stand-alone event.

Cgov Avant COI Webservice:
We have now started the national rollout of our webservice with Avant to integrate indemnity insurance records into Cgov Credentialing and Workforce Management Solutions. This means you can instantly update the current records for Dr’s with Avant Insurance and also automatically manage renewals without having to chase up the Doctor. This interface is automatically included in all current Cgov Credentialing and WFM Solutions.  Just like AHPRA you will need a separate license and data use Agreement with Avant.  Then we can schedule the configuration project to link indemnity into your Key Documents App. We will also now approach other Medical Indemnity Insurers to try and reach 100% coverage with all your Credentialed Doctors.
Customer Feedback and QA:
As part of our annual quality assurance review we have decided to start collecting customer feedback as an organised activity. New SMALL questionnaires are being developed to ask for your feedback:

  • At the completion of each Project Implementation
  • Annually as part of your Account Management meetings based on the renewal date of each Subscription, and
  • On completion of IDIS Cases.

I will make sure these forms are as quick and easy as possible, and we look forward to your feedback and comments.

Cgov No Code Application Development:
Later this year we are officially launching Cgov as a No Code Application Development Platform. This highlights our flexible configuration capability and our methodology to design and implement new Solutions using No Code Tools and the CgovAccess integration middleware. Ultimately it’s about solving problems quickly with the minimum of expense. 

All Cgov Enterprise License customers will be entitled to this capability automatically, managed and supported through your IT Department.  Everyone else should contact us if you would like more information on how to replace existing systems that are dependent on paper forms, spreadsheets or standalone access databases or SharePoint. “No Code” customers can also supplement existing Enterprise systems by integrating with CgovAccess to pull data, solve the problem and then push the results back.  

Please give us a call on 07 3211 4444 to discuss.