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Office Covid-19 Update
Registers of Vaccination Credentials
Australian Immunisation Register Integration
S8 Opioid Notification and Approval
Cgov No Code Toolkit
Office News

Office Covid-19 Update:
Finally … interstate travel is approved between Queensland, NSW and Vic again. Let’s hope this hard earned freedom lasts until we can all be made safer with the release of a vaccine. The Brisbane office is now running at 100% with everyone back in the Office; but our Melbourne team will continue to work from home until the New Year.

Registers of Vaccination Credentials:
With the requirement for mass vaccinations against Covid, it is becoming critical to identify all medical staff or pharmacists who have current vaccination credentials. To assist you Cgov have created a Register to capture this data and maintain records with automatic reminders for the refresher training every 3 years.This enables you to track who is qualified to administer vaccinations and where they are working. Please contact our office on 07 3211 4444 if you would like more information on this new capability.

Australian Immunisation Register:
Cgov Solutions are now recognised by the Australian Health Systems Developer Portal (PRODA). This gives us the ability to integrate with Government web services such as for Medicare, Health Identifiers, Aged Care and the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Thus we will be able to automatically update the AIR from our Staff Medical Records (SMR) Solutions. If you have our SMR Solution or are planning to implement it in 2021, please contact us to learn how we can automatically upload your data into the AIR.

S8 Opioid Notification and Approval:
New rules are in place for the notification and approval of S8 Opioid Drugs. Cgov has developed the Solution for healthcare organisations to manage processes for the Notification of unrestricted S8 Drugs and Approval for the prescription of restricted S8 drugs. This data is then cross referenced with the new National Data Exchange (NDE) for S8 Drugs. Reports can be run to track multiple prescriptions for the same patient and to cross reference the dispensing of S8 drugs against the correct notification or approval processes.

Cgov No Code Toolkit:
The Cgov No-Code Toolkit was launched at the recent Institute of Digital Health Summit events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. See the short video presentation. This highlights our flexible configuration capability and our methodology to design and implement new Solutions using No Code Tools and the CgovAccess integration middleware. Ultimately it’s about solving problems quickly with the minimum of expense. 

All Cgov Enterprise License customers will be entitled to this capability automatically, managed and supported through your IT Department. Everyone else should contact us if you would like more information on how to replace existing systems that are dependent on paper forms, spreadsheets or standalone access databases or SharePoint. “No Code” customers can also supplement existing Enterprise systems by integrating with CgovAccess to pull data, solve the problem and then push the results back. Please give us a call on 07 3211 4444 to discuss.

Office News:
Christmas decorations go up on the 1st December here at Cgov. From all of the Cgov Team, we would like to wish all our customers around Australia and New Zealand a very Merry Christmas with a welcome break after an extraordinary year and a Happy New Year for 2021. This year the Cgov Office in Brisbane on 07 3211 4444, will be manned throughout the Christmas period (excluding 29-31 Dec), to provide continuity of support and continue work on current projects.