Cgov Newsletter March

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Welcome to our Cgov System Manager update. Every two months we will provide all of our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our website.

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Cgov Conference 2022
Solution of the Month
Version 8 Update
Migration of Integration Services to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)  
Tips and Tricks 
Office Update 


Cgov Conference 2022: 

Our Cgov Conference 2022 is scheduled for the 12th – 13th September 2022 at The Hilton, Surfers Paradise. This year’s Conference will include networking opportunities, consultant meetings, product updates, innovation sessions and some exciting customer case studies.

Registration is now available HERE


Solution of the Month: 

Have you been wondering how to track your staff vaccinations? Cgov has the solution with our Cgov Staff Health Records, able to integrate with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) to collect, verify and maintain immunisation schedules for all employees. At a glance visualise staff vaccination rates for your organisation to be compliant with new COVID-19 requirements. 

Join Daniel on Thursday, the 7th of April, from 11:00am – 12:00pm (AEST), to discuss the Staff Health Records & AIR Integration

Please email to reserve your place at:


Version 8 Update: 

We are currently in the process of doing our final quality assurance and are on track to have Version 8 deployed by the end of this financial year!

This new version of our platform will mainly consist of technical changes, with the biggest visual change being the upgraded Workplace. We will be scheduling Webinars in April to showcase the changes to the Workplace in Version 8 so keep an eye out for the registration form which will be sent out two weeks prior.


Migration of Integration Services to Google Cloud Platform (GCP): 

Over the past 12 months we have been changing our integration hosting service to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP are the leader in cloud storage and will provide Cgov with more flexibility in expanding our capability. We are now in the process of scheduling the migration of all integration services to GCP by the end of this financial year.

You will be contacted by your Primary Consultant if you are affected by this change.      


Tips and Tricks: 
Each month we come across tips related to the current Cgov configuration. Here are a few observations based off recent customer experience: 

Using Activities to Record Workflow Time Intervals: Each time a file moves to a new workflow status the linked actions can add an Activity to the record. This creates a timestamp for when the next step in the workflow commenced. Any time intervals can then be reported as KPI for the business process, e.g. for the total time taken or for the time taken between specific steps such as the request and receipt of referee forms for credentialing.

Setting Invitation Permissions: Sometimes it may be necessary to set up the permissions for invitations. An example case is a Credentialing Officer manually sending out an Renewal Application Form from a file. They should only see the Renewal Application form invitation and nothing else. You can edit the permissions by navigating to the groups tab within the settings of an invitation.


Office Update: 
The Cgov team welcomes two new Junior Consultants, Lucas Strilakos and Patrick Wallace, who will be joining our team in Melbourne! We would also like to congratulate Nick Keogh in Brisbane and Ryan Westwood in Melbourne for being promoted to Consultants.

From all the Cgov Team, our thoughts are with all of our customers across Queensland and New South Wales who experienced and were impacted by floods earlier this month.