Cgov Newsletter July

By Administrator

Welcome to our Cgov System Manager update. Every two months we will provide all of our clients with an update on news and new apps from the Cgov Community. Please contact our office on (07) 3211 4444 if you have any questions or would like additional information on any of the topics below. You can also find additional information on our website.


Please scroll down to review any topics that may be of interest: 
Cgov Conference 2022
Version 8 & System Admin Webinars
Tips and Tricks
Office Update  


Cgov Conference 2022: 

Our Cgov Conference 2022 is scheduled for the 12th – 13th September 2022 at The Hilton, Surfers Paradise. This year’s Conference will include networking opportunities, consultant meetings, product updates, innovation sessions and some exciting customer case studies. The full details of this years Conference Program are now available HERE. 

Registration is now available HERE


Version 8 & System Administrator Webinars: 

Thanks to the hard work of our consultants and developers we can proudly announce that Version 8 of our software is ready for deployment in 2022. This version will contain several enhancements in terms of performance, security and productivity. 
In preparation for Version 8, we will be hosting system administrator webinars on the 11th & 12th of August to go through important changes that are a part of this upgrade. 

Please click HERE to register for a session. 


Tips and Tricks: 
Each month we come across tips related to the current Cgov configuration. Here are a few observations based off recent customer experience: 

Refreshing Registers: If the statuses of files have changed whilst you’ve been viewing a register you can refresh the register view by pressing  located at the bottom left of the register.

Personal Lists: Sometimes it may be necessary to have a certain view of a register that other users don’t require. Instead of applying grouping/filtering on the same register each time you can use personal lists to save this view for your login only. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the register that you like to use as the personal list and apply any grouping/filtering required. 
  2. Once all grouping/filtering has been applied, right click inside the register and select ‘Save Current Settings as a Personal List’. .
  3. Choose the name of your ‘Personal List’ and press Ok. 
  4. Your Personal List will display on at the bottom of your register list on the left hand side under ‘My Overviews’. Personal Lists have the same functionality as a register but default view will be the applied grouping/filtering at the time of creating the list. 


If you ever want to remove a Personal List, you can do so by left clicking in the list and selecting ‘Delect Current Settings’ 



Office Update:
We would like to introduce you to Kathleen Carlyon who is our Head of Client Engagement.

Kathleen has been working with Cgov for the past two years as our Business Development Manager but has now expanded her portfolio to include Client Engagement. Over the next 12 months Kathleen will be focusing on developing a more interactive environment which will include initiatives such as user groups, professional speakers and information transparency for new product developments and enhancements. Kathleen will be supported by her new team – Daniel Bogaart and Emily Mills.

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