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The 2022 Cgov Conference was an overwhelming success with
over 80 attendees from around Australia! Both Public and
Private Health Organisations shared what they liked about Cgov, what they
needed from Cgov, and what else Cgov can be doing to add more value to
their organisations. 

Julia Franklin led the Conference through our two
days on the Gold Coast. We heard from our implementation consultants
on product updates and summaries. This year we also spent time on
the Cgov product roadmap and used interactive sessions to gauge
feedback and ensure the Cgov Strategy aligned with our clients. Each
quarter we will aim to provide an update in our newsletter – so stay

See below the Word Maps created at the Cgov Conference by attendees. When
prompted with the following questions, attendees submitted their
resposes. The larger the word the more often it was submitted. 

What comes to mind when you hear innovation and
continuous improvement?
Is there a specific system or agency integration that would support your
What is a new feature that would benefit your Cgov implementation?
What part of your Cgov Solution provides the most value?






The best part of the Conference was hearing from our
clients in person and networking again!

Monash Health, Victoria shared their Best Practice for Credentialing which
included a PUBLIC LIST for Operating Theatres. This feature is
available at Cgov now – just let us know how we can help.

St Vincent’s Health, Australia shared how they have evolved the Cgov platform to
maximize their ever-changing workflows and organisational demands.
Including the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT that SMS is going/will go live for
their practitioners. If your organisation has an existing messaging
system, we can explore ways to use that or share how others are planning
to add SMS to their workflows.  


For those who were unable to attend, please let us know if
there is specific information you are looking for or if you would like a
Teams overview meeting.

Contact Daniel Bogaart to arrange a time


Product Announcement:
Thanks to a project with Monash Health, Cgov is pleased to announce a new
Shared Maternity Application. A perfect solution for tracking
Midwives, General Practitioners, and Obstetricians’ credentials and
linking to a specific location. Client training is about to commence,
stay tuned for more updates from the Maternity Team at Monash.


New User Groups :During the Cgov Conference, we announced during our Innovation &
Continuous Improvement Session that we will commence USER GROUPS.

Kathleen will be leading this initiative to enable all
customers to benefit from others’ experiences and to help the Cgov Team
understand what features you need now.

Please submit your Service Request Forms (add IDEA to the
drop down box) and we will begin to collate and organise these virtual

For further information, please contact Kathleen at  


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Thought for the Month: It’s worth
remembering that it is often the small steps. Not the giant leaps, that
bring about the most lasting change.”
  Queen Elizabeth II


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