Who is cgov?

Cgov, is an Australian based Software as a Service (SaaS) company, focused on providing healthcare solutions for public and private organisations. Using a proprietary no-code platform, the Cgov Team builds affordable, fixed priced, bespoke solutions. All Cgov solutions enable organisations to replace the need for spreadsheets and access databases with a platform that is configurable to their specific requirements. 

The Cgov No-Code Toolkit provides customers with configurable solutions that can be modified in live use. Customers can also be trained to upgrade or enhance Cgov solutions locally, saving time and development costs. 

Additionally, the Cgov No-Code capability enables your local teams to create rapid prototypes, a useful option when designing an organisational-wide idea or implementation. 

The Cgov bespoke middleware, called Cgov Access, enables Cgov Solutions to integrate with legacy systems, such as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Finance, EMR’s, Services Australia, etc. to streamline data and help create organisational digital change. 

Cgov Library of over 200 applications has been curated with customers and can be shared as part of each organisations need to build a strong culture of continuous improvement and digital transformation.

Replace paper-based forms and processes

Rapid Prototype Development and Deployment

Reduce the cost and time of traditional IT projects

Why are we successful?

For almost 15 years, Cgov has delivered solutions that solve organisational-wide workflow problems throughout Australia and New Zealand, that replaced paper-based forms and processes. Our team builds trust with customers based on the ability to deliver solutions that operate in a timely, cost-effective and time-saving manner. 

The Cgov customer base has grown largely by referral and includes very large, multi-national health care providers, state-wide departments of health, hospital networks, and small private hospitals. Cgov has the depth and breadth to solve most administrative issues that plague healthcare. Our customers rely on us to provide advice and technical solutions throughout the life of our relationship. 


What makes Cgov different?

We strive to exceed your expectations, delivering solutions not software! 

We believe in…

  • Honesty and transparency
  • We align our success with your success
  • We help you save time and money compared to traditional IT projects
  • Initiative, creativity, and a fun bunch to work with!


What’s next?

Cgov will continue to create solutions that our customers need. If you are curious about how we work, reach out today for a chat. Complete this form and one of our amazing team members will contact you.