User News Update

March 2019

Pharmacy IPA and PGA Approvals and High Cost Drug Management App:
This new App has already been implemented in several sites  this year. It is a business process to automate online approvals for non-list drugs or medications for individual patients (IPA) or multiple patient groups (PGA). It also includes a process for the approval and accounting for High Cost Drugs. We are able to implement and configure this App for local use within a week. This is a great example how Cgov can make a difference, especially with our new smartphone iForms interface.

January 2019

The Cgov Annual Conference provides our clients a chance to network, review case studies from successful Cgov implementations; and an opportunity for users to provide feedback on the future development of Cgov.  Don’t forget this year is our 10th anniversary which will be celebrated at the Conference Dinner.

November 2018

Cgov will celebrate our 10th birthday in September 2019, with a special event at our Annual Conference. So as we look forward to our second decade I wanted to offer my personal thanks to all those who have made the journey with us. Since 2009 we have implemented 138 Solutions to 42 different Customer Organisations in every State of Australia and in New Zealand.

September 2018

Thank you for all those who attended the Conference this year. Each year we strive to provide a better forum for users to share experiences and provide feedback that we use to continuously improve.
We have already received many requests for copies of the Conference Workshop and Case Study presentations.

July 2018

In July we launched a new Australian hosted, multi-tenanted custom cloud: This new cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), compliments the existing private cloud platform. It allows Cgov to reach outside healthcare with new Solutions and provide existing Healthcare customers with new environments to implement solutions that may not be directly related to patient safety. Access to these new environments is now available and includes the full capability of the Cgov Codeless Development Toolkit and the Cgov Access interface middleware. Please let us know if you would like to access this new cloud platform for the hosting or development of new solutions.

May 2018

The Cgov Solution to replace the VHIMS Application for Victorian Health Services is now available. See the attached Brochure for our Product Showcase to be held in Melbourne on 28 June. It exceeds all VHIMS functionality with the Cgov capability to customise forms, workflows, processes and reports for your local requirements.
The new Solution is to be showcased in Melbourne between 10am and 7pm on Thursday 28th June at the Centre for Health Innovation adjacent to Alfred Health.

January 2018

Version 7 of the Cgov Private Cloud Platform as a Service will be implemented in Europe in February and we plan for 4 weeks live testing before we upgrade Australian customers to this new Release. Version 7 will be released as a normal Constructive Maintenance upgrade and all configured features in your Solutions will be maintained. The major system improvements in Version 7 are the upgrade to Mobile First technology, upgrading he code base to PHP7 and enhancements to Dashboards and Reporting Modules. Release Notes will be made available at least 4 weeks before the upgrade and webinars in February will be dedicated to demonstrations of Version 7.

October 2017

For all our Melbourne customers, we opened our local Office on 11 September 2017. Varsha Maveli Kizhakayil has moved from Brisbane as our new Melbourne based Senior Project Manager and we have started recruiting for new Melbourne based consultants. Our new address is Level 1 Legacy House, 293 Swanston St, Melbourne. For the first few months we will run phone enquiries through a central switchboard in Brisbane, but Victorian customers with existing support relationships will be able to contact Varsha directly.

August 2017

Given the great response we have had from Victorian Health Services in the last 12 months, we have decided to open an Office in Melbourne from 11 Sep 2017. Varsha Maveli Kizhakayil is moving from Brisbane as our new Melbourne based Senior Project Manager and we will start recruiting new staff in Melbourne before the end of the year.
Our new address is Level 1 Legacy House, 293 Swanston St, Melbourne. Details of our contact number and other information will be sent out to all Victorian customers. Victorian customers with existing support relationships with other consultants will also meet Varsha as soon as she is settled in Melbourne.

June 2017

A new project is starting in July to develop a bi-directional interface between Cgov Solutions and SAP. Working with Datacom (SAP provider in Victoria) we are releasing this interface to an initial group of 5 Victorian Health Services. It will enable live updating of staff details from SAP to Cgov Solutions in areas including AHPRA Workforce Management, Training records, Staff Medical Records etc.
A second interface is already underway with Alfred Health in Victoria to link Cgov to the Success Factors HR system (an SAP subsidiary) in July.