Junior Medical Officer (JMO)


Cgov JMO solution will automate complex, interdependent processes and multi-layer workflows that are necessary to manage Junior Doctors. The system contains “ready to use” modules for recruiting and onboarding, allocation and roster management, and records of education. A management console keeps track of all Junior Medical Officer (JMO) files providing the Medical Workforce Unit with real time monitoring and automatic processing for each stage of the annual JMO cycle.

The JMO solution can integrate directly to your recruiting or HR systems to ensure the most up to date data is available to all users. 

Recruiting & Onboarding

Allocation & Roster Management

Record of Education

The JMO applications can be implemented within 5 days using our “off the shelf” templates for all apps and workflows. We will configure the system for all your local JMO forms, classifications, workflows, and reports. The solution will be adapted to your specific policies, procedures, delegations, and HR priorities.

Cgov JMO is easy to implement and support. Our no-code development toolkit for continuous improvement and change management is included in the licensing. Additionally,  CgovAccess enables integration with your existing HR or Recruitment systems for complete transparency and up-to-date records.

The Cgov No-Code Toolkit ensures that your System is dynamic and can be continuously improved based on either feedback or changes to local, state, or national regulations. Each JMO workflow can be updated without affecting other JMO Types.

Junior Medical Officer Onboarding

Delivery of resources to successful JMO

Online forms to request JMO details & documents

Contract processing and batch approval

Automated AHPRA & other Registration checks

Customised onboarding checklist for each classification of JMO

Junior Medical Officer Allocation by Medical Workforce Unit (MWU)

Doctors submit preferences for available rotations or specialities using an online form

Doctors are allocated to rotations by MWU based on automatic or offline preference rules

Confirmed preferences are published by Cgov JMO

Doctors are notified of Allocation received

Record of Education

Online assessment forms for Interns, Interns/HMOs automatically triggered at mid and end of term

Email notifications to nominated supervisors when assessment is submitted

Supervisors can provide their review & record their observations

Reminders at regular intervals to both JMO & Supervisors to complete the assessments