Cgov Staff Medical Records CgovSMR

Cgov SMR is an integrated  Solution for establishing and managing Staff Health Records.  As we adapt to post Covid-19 workplaces, employers have a responsibility protect their workforce as a whole and each individual employee.

Cgov SMR includes a Staff Health Profile (including Covid-19 status) customised for your industry, location and the risk profiles of your staff. 

Cgov records the vaccinations that are recommended for your workplace, and automatically tracks the annual vaccination requirements for each individual. 

Online forms are available to report exposure incidents or symptoms to ensure these cases are reported and followed up correctly.

The solution may also be integrated with payroll or HR systems to ensure Staff Health Records are included in your onboarding and separation processes.

Dashboards and reports are customised for your local requirements and all information is handled confidentially on a “need to know” basis.

CgovSMR Workflow

New File – Files are directly loaded via a CSV file or webservice interface to your HR or Payroll system. Records can also be created manually if required. The file will automatically dispatch a health assessment form via email.
Pending Health Assessment File – Reminders will be configured on these forms to send to staff members who have not completed the form (e.g. 7, 14 and 21 days).
Completed File – Once the form is completed it is moved to an inbox awaiting validation by the local Manager or Infection Control Officer.
Active File Management – Completed health profiles are actively managed to confirm ongoing compliance with local requirements for different staff risk categories. Annual or longer-term requirements for additional vaccinations are automatically generated by Cgov and tracked to ensure staff compliance and management reporting.

CGOVSMR Key Features

Health Profile Information – Cgov Interfaces to HR/Payroll systems and stores a record of individual wellness that can be tracked over time and used to trigger links to external system for physical health, mental health and peer support.
Record of Staff Vaccination Records – Used to record and maintain annual compliance for all required vaccinations and details (i.e. batch numbers, expiry dates, serology results, scanned attachments) given to a staff member.
Tracking of Exposure Incidents and Follow-up Reminders – Cgov tracks all reports of exposure e.g. respiratory, blood or other exposure incidents. Follow up protocols are automated and formally acknowledged for both the employee and employer.
Attachments and Private Notes – Ability to add and store attachments within files and add any private or confidential notes for the file.
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