In response to a request from Northern Territory Health, Cgov have developed a new Solution to manage the registration and assignment of volunteers to assist in the Covid-19 response.

Cgov is making this solution immediately available for use in any Health Service or Hospital that has a current Cgov Subscription; with no additional license cost. If you want to change any of the forms or workflows for your local use, we can provide an immediate fixed price quote. This Solution can be installed and customised for live use within 48 hours.

Please contact the Cgov Office on 07 3211 4444 if you would like further information or a demonstration, or email us on admin@

COVID-19 ERVM Solution

A customised form to allow volunteers to register their availability, skills, qualifications, and any required background information. The form can be deployed from your website or included as a link in any email or SMS communications you want to send.
Volunteers can be sought from existing employees who do not already have front line clinical roles, and from ex-employees, or the local community; who have medical qualifications or any other skills that match your areas of need.
Volunteer expressions of interest are triaged by local Coordinators who check each form and can perform online checks of evidence to validate each application.
Validated applications are then made available online to Workforce Managers, to link skills and availability to deployment requests. A Workforce Manager can request the deployment of a volunteer by describing the task, location and time they are required. This automatically raises a verification email to the volunteer to confirm their acceptance of the work requested.
The solution automatically tracks all deployment requests against all validated volunteers so you can quickly see who is on task and who is available at any point in time. Cgov also allows you to quickly find volunteers with specific skills or available at specific times.
For group tasks you can assign multiple volunteers to a single deployment, and time can be recorded against each deployment to track fatigue levels and also to provide evidence for possible Government re-imbursement.