Digital Transformation at Your Fingertips

Cgov Enterprise provides Clinicians and Healthcare IT Executives the keys to a cost-effective, configurable way to make Digital Transformation a reality. The Cgov Enterprise License enables business users (not developers) to design, implement and support online solutions to digitize and automate workflows for complex HR, Clinical, Quality and Financial processes.

  • Replace the use of paper forms, spreadsheets, and single purpose databases with a single integrated Solution. 
  • Design and implement new Apps for workflow automation using our No-Code Methodology. 
  • Cgov Solutions conform to your organisational structure, policies, and procedures. Our methodology for integrated solutions ensures you collect data once and use it many times.
  • Integrate Cgov workflows with legacy HR, EMR, PAS Finance and Operational systems.
  • Prototypes for digital transformation business cases are fast and easy to build; to enable evidence-based requirements for tenders and procurement of new systems.

Rapid Prototype Development & Deployment

Save Money Save Time



Cgov Enterprise offers a multi-tenanted white label Platform as a Service using our proprietary methodology for rapid prototype development and deployment of integrated “As a Service” Solutions. Each Platform hosts up to 50 white label URL environments and each environment hosts up to 200 integrated SaaS solutions. Suitable for National or Global deployment.
Cgov offers a unique blend of co-design customer service and innovation. Our unique, cost effective license structure enables access to our suite of products. Additionally, we assist with creating prototypes for tenders and business cases and bespoke solutions to fit every automated workflow need.
Cgov Enterprise Subscription offers new customers unlimited access to our library of “off the shelf” templates for complex workflow processes, under one license. All templates are configurable to match your local policies, procedures, and workflows.

Cgov Digital Transformation Toolkit: Insight to Action

  • Business Case Evaluation and Portfolio Management (Evidence to Act)
  • No-Code Design and Configuration of integrated workflows (SaaS Solutions)
  • Project Planning and Governance (Action, Compliance and Verification)
  • Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement (Acceptance)
  • Issues and Risk Management (Governance)