Cgov iForms

Cgov iForms is the toolkit for data collection.  iForms easily converts paper based forms, surveys, audits or feedback into an online data platform.  Currently, there are over 500 customer-designed forms to choose from  or you can create your own iForm easily using the Cgov No-Code Toolkit.

Data can be collected from any device – Kiosks, Tablets, Computers, Laptops or Smartphones. Data can also be accessed from a public or a password protected URL, links can be displayed as QR Codes, or embedded as links in website pages, emails or SMS messages.

A single Cgov iForms environment can host up to 2,000 forms replacing paper and saving time.  Data is authenticated on entry and mandatory fields are enforced as required by your workflow needs. 

Convert and automate paper-based forms

Hosted in Australia

Automatic data updates

Collected data allows you to share or display the results with the ability to configure reports based on any combination of the fields of data collected.  Registers can filter data so users from specific locations or services can only view their specific data.

Data including personal or sensitive information is stored and accessed in accordance with Australian Privacy and European GDPR standards.  Data including backups are only stored in Australia.

Once collected, data can be integrated into multiple local workflows and external systems.  Data is collected once and used many times where required.  Stored as a single source of truth the data field is updated automatically for each workflow requirement.