Non-Formulary Medication Approvals

Individual/ Group Patient Approvals (or Usage)

The Cgov IPA/PGA system optimises the non-formulary medication approval flow for your healthcare organisation. Leveraging our cloud-based no-code toolkit, we develop a customised solution which includes prescriber application forms, tailored approval workflows, and a constructed dashboard to align with your requirements.

IPA/PGA Approvals Made For You!

We understand that every healthcare organisation has unique requirements relating to non-formulary Our solution is highly configurable and tailored to you. 
Whether it’s committee endorsements for high-cost medications or seeking patient progress details post-medication usage, Cgov will adapt the cloud platform to your exact requirements.
Our solution has been developed with:
  • A web-based application form to allow prescribers to easily provide medication details, indications and justification of use relating to a non-formulary drug application.
  • Drug cost formulas to allow pharmacists to track financial requirements and enable accurate forecasting.
  • Customised approval workflows and escalations tailored to you reducing administrative burden for pharmacists and medical directors.

Simple Application Form

Efficient Workflows

Medication Cost Tracking

Reports at your fingertips

With Cgov’s IPA/PGA solution, you gain oversight into the drug approval pipeline and associated costs with the ability to construct your own reports. 

Easily sort, search, filter and group data at any time to track current application statuses, view archived or historical data, and generate the reports you need.