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The Cgov Library has over 200 customer-designed applications that help automate workflows and replace paper-based processes. These smaller Apps or Solutions can be licensed individually, or they can be included as part of the Cgov Enterprise License. Cgov Enterprise customers have access to our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) library as well as the tools to build new apps with our No-Code Toolkit. 

Replace Paper-based Workflow

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HOT OFF THE PRESS – Our Newest Customer-Created Applications

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT – Cgov Quality Improvement and Recommendation Tracking (QIRT) provides a single view of quality improvement activity across all health service programs, including incidents, feedback, audits, risks, top down corporate KPI’s and employee/consumer suggestions for improvement.  

PHARMACY –Cgov automates the process for non-formulary drug approval IPA/IPU (individual pharmacy approval/use) and GPA/GPU (group pharmacy approval/use). Manage non-formulary requests and pharmacy budgets with Cgov IPA/IPU solution for automated workflow and approvals.

NDIS RESTRAINTS APPROVAL – It is mandatory for NDIS Providers to obtain formal approval for the use of physical or chemical restraints.  The Cgov NDIS Restraint Solution automates this process and provides the ability for a single application to seek separate approval for multiple restraint types.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE STAFF ASSIGNMENTS – Natural disaster and emergencies require the rapid redeployment of staff according to geographic availability and competencies.  Cgov Emergency Response Solution provides the ability to record the availability of local staff and volunteers for redeployment against emergency requirements.  Cgov Emergency Response  records the due diligence required to verify individual qualifications and registration for reassignment, e.g., professional licenses, certificates of competency, registration (AHPRA), WWC, etc.  This solution can also integrated with your current HR System.

CALL CENTRE LOGS  – Call centres are often established at short notice and do not have access to professional call recording systems.  Cgov can provide an immediate capability to records calls and track trends in callers and the flow of information through a call centre.

STAFF MEDICAL/HEALTH RECORDS – Cgov SMR provides a single automated system to record health assessments for all Staff and to maintain records of vaccination, including for influenza and Covid-19.  Blood exposure events involving healthcare staff can also be tracked, monitored and formal follow ups created.  This Cgov Solution includes integration with local HR systems and with the Australian Immunisation register (AIR).

REQUEST AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION  (RRI) – Cgov RRI allows for the processing of requests for information from healthcare services that are lodged by external parties including patient NOK or representatives, media organisations and legal bodies such as a Coroner.  Cgov RRI processes include an auditable record of the approval to release information and a copy of the information released.

CME EXPENSES AND REQUESTS – Senior medical employee contracts often include allowances for CME travel and other expenses.  CME travel can be approved in advance and for subsequent claims for expenses to be lodged online via their mobile phone.  These requests are processed automatically and calculated against the local health service policies and passed to finance for payment and reconciliation.  

ASSET MANAGEMENT FOR HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Our newest solution enables Health Services to track the thousands of equipment items that must be managed as an asset with dedicated records.  Key highlights include: 

  • Asset description 
  • Location 
  • Equipment specific maintenance 
  • Risk assessment records. 

Cgov manages all these items in a single register with dedicated workflows for asset identification and location, all maintenance, risk assessment and automates end of life and replacement processes.


Consumer Engagement and Clinical Outcomes processes that are a requirement of the NSQHS Standards Edition 2.   Cgov Engage enables your organisation can implement one system to manage the business processes associated with consumer engagement, including:

  • Consumer Feedback within 24 hours of contact with the health service. Already approved by AHPEQS, alternatively, you can customise your own local content & questions.
  • Record patient & NOK availability & interest to participate after contact with the health service. 
  • Patient Experience Surveys
  • Longitudinal Outcomes Survey

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