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Cgov builds software solutions that healthcare organisations need. Every solution in our Cgov library has been created by a customer. The Cgov No-Code toolkit enables our team, or you, to design and deliver cost-effective solutions. 

Healthcare solutions range from Pharmacy (workflows for high-cost drugs), Quality Improvement, NDIS Restraint Approval, Staff Assignments for Emergency Management, etc. 

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Here are a few examples of the solutions we created for customers: 

Quality Improvement & Recommendation Tracking (QIRT):

Monitor and track organisation KPIs for quality improvement. Organisation-wide view of all quality improvement activity across all service groups in one dashboard. Each workflow step is recorded and linked including:

  • Staff Incidents
  • Employee Incidents
  • Feedback
  • Risks
  • Improvement Measures
  • Employee Feedback
  • Patient Experience Surveys


Cgov helps hospital pharmacies save money and track the usage of high-cost drugs. Specifically designed by Queensland pharmacists, this solution links the drug request with the supporting clinical evidence and total prescription cost for thorough and accurate budgeting. This solution can be used for groups of patients or individuals.  

NDIS Restraint Approvals:

NDIS Restraints Providers must obtain formal approval for the use of physical or chemical restraints. The Cgov NDIS Restraint Solution streamlines this process and provides a single application for approval and reporting.

Emergency Staff Assignments: 

Rapid redeployment of staff is critical in emergencies and natural disasters. Cgov Emergency Response Solution provides a way to record the availability of staff and volunteers against emergency requirements. Individual qualifications like professional licenses, certificates of competency, registration (AHPRA), Working with Children, etc., can be tracked on Cgov. Human Resource Software integration is also available to streamline personnel data.

Patient Engagement & Clinical Outcomes Tracking:

The Cgov Consumer Engagement and Clinical Outcomes satisfies NSQHS Standards Edition 2, for partnering with Consumers. Organisations easily can implement one system to manage the business processes associated with consumer engagement, including:

  • Consumer Feedback within 24 hours of contact with the health service. Already approved by AHPEQS or can be customised to specfic local content & questions. 
  • Record patient interest after contact with the health service.
  • Patient Experience Surveys
  • Longitudinal Outcomes Survey


Asset Management for Healthcare Equipment:

A new product was created for a Territory Department of Health, used to track the thousands of equipment items that must be managed as an asset with dedicated records. 

Key Features include:

  • Asset description
  • Location
  • Equipment specific maintenance
  • Risk assessment records

Cgov manages all these items in a single solution with dedicated workflows. 

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