Medical Workforce Management

Overwhelmed by Workforce Management Tasks?

Managing your medical workforce is made easy with Cgov. Our Medical Workforce Management Solution provides a unified system that empowers healthcare organisations to navigate the complex administrative processes for a range of staff categories. 

 Manage a range of staff, including: 
  • Senior Medical Staff
  • Junior Medical Officers
  • Nurses & Midwives
  • Allied Health
  • Administrative Staff
Manage administrative processes for:
  • Credentialing
  • Staff Health Records & Vaccinations
  • Variation to SoCP
  • Sabbatical Approvals & Resource Planning
  • Locum & Contractor Management

Credentialing Made Easy!

We remove the administrative burden of paper-based or obsolete, inefficient software and provide your organisation with a configurable and bespoke cloud solution at a reasonable cost.

No Code Toolkit

Manage New Applications, Recredentialing, Variation to Scope of Clinical Practice, Hospital Initiated Reviews and Emergency/Interim applications within a user friendly cloud platform. 

Our cloud platform requires no coding experience to operate allowing your administrative team to make amendments through live use.

Online Credentialing Forms

Your clinicians can submit their credentialing information, including documentation, using our mobile friendly forms.

All forms can be submitted via mobile devices without the need to input a username and password.

Automated Referee Workflow

Our invitation capabilities allow referees to quickly submit their reference form.

Let Cgov send referee reminders and escalation correspondence automatically for non-responders.

We alert your administrative staff when a referee report is submitted.

Customised Workflows

Configurable Forms

Highly Automated

Meet the NSQHS Clinical Governance Standards

The Cgov Medical Workforce Management solution helps healthcare organisations align with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) for Clinical Governance in Clinical Performance and Effectiveness. 

Cgov provides peace of mind that your workforce possesses the necessary qualifications, skills, and supervision required to deliver safe, high-quality patient care. Our solution ensures the documentation is readily available for organisations as evidence that clinicians and practitioners are appropriately skilled and experienced to perform their roles safely and provide services within their agreed scope of clinical practice. 

Reports at your fingertips

  • Sort, search, filter and group data at any time using the Cgov reporting module and dynamic registers.
  • Create dashboards configured to your organisational KPIs.
  • Build and save personal registers, only viewable to you.
  • Download content into your preferred file format at the click of a button.

Procedural Governance – made easy

Track expiries and renewals of any certificate or license  using Key Documents, part of Cgov Medical Workforce Management. Our solution sends correspondence including reminders and escalations for any expiring document to ensure renewal evidence is provided. All essential documents can be uploaded via personal smartphones via our online mobile friendly forms.

Streamline your data

Elevate the burden of sharing data between systems using our bespoke middleware, Cgov Access. Allow data to flow seamlessly between the Cgov Medical Workforce Management system and any other IT system or database. Cgov Access can link to your HR Systems, Finance, BI Tools, recruiting software. Input your data once and let Cgov integration do the rest.

See our integration page for more details!