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Cgov Newsletter May

  Our Cgov 2021 Conference is scheduled for 13th – 14th September, on the Gold Coast at the lovely QT. This year’s Conference will include networking opportunities, consultant meetings, product updates, innovation sessions and some exciting customer case studies. Registration is now available HERE________________________________ Have you been wondering what our No-Code Toolkit means? Cgov provides Clinicians and…

Cgov Newsletter April

Welcome to your Cgov Customer Monthly Newsletter!  As a Cgov customer, we would love to get your input.  Please take a moment to let us know what you would like to see in future Newsletters: Click our 1 Minute Survey HERE __________________________________   Our Cgov 2021 Conference is scheduled for 13th – 14th September, on the Gold Coast at…

Cgov Newsletter March

Welcome  to your Cgov Customer Monthly Newsletter! As a Cgov customer, we would love to get your input on our monthly newsletter.Please take a moment to let us know what you would like to see in our Newsletters in the future:Click our 1 Minute Survey Here__________________________________We are pleased to announce the Cgov 2021 Conference is scheduled for 13th…

Cgov Newsletter February

Contents Office Covid-19 UpdateCgov Conference 2021Australian Immunisation Register IntegrationAsset Management for Medical EquipmentPrevocational Training – Health Service AccreditationCgov No-Code ToolkitOffice News Office Covid-19 Update:The Brisbane office is now running at 100% with everyone back in the Office; and staff now have the ability to work from home 1 day a week. Our Melbourne team will return…

Cgov Newsletter November

Finally … interstate travel is approved between Queensland, NSW and Vic again. Let’s hope this hard earned freedom lasts until we can all be made safer with the release of a vaccine. The Brisbane office is now running at 100% with everyone back in the Office; but our Melbourne team will continue to work from home until the New Year.

The AIDH Conference

Meet us at The Australasian Institute of Digital Health Conference this year in Brisbane and virtually in Sydney and Melbourne!

Cgov Newsletter September

The Brisbane office is now running at 100% with everyone back in the Office. The Melbourne office remains closed and all staff continue to work from home. This is likely to continue until at least the end of October.

Cgov Newsletter August

One of the popular features of this year’s Conference would have been the Day 3 training opportunities for Systems Managers. As a result we have decided to continue to offer this training as a series of online webinars in October for any users who would like to refresh, or learn new skills, as a Cgov System Manager

Cgov Newsletter July

Despite our best efforts to keep this year’s Conference on schedule for September 14th - 16th, the uncertainty of extended travel restrictions and the recent appropriation of our Conference venue (QT) to be a dedicated quarantine facility, have forced us to take the decision to postpone the Cgov 2020 Conference until later in the financial year. We will be re-scheduling, however we will wait until there is more certainty regarding the COVID-19 restrictions to confirm a date with you in the upcoming months.

Cgov Newsletter June

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback last month. The vote was overwhelming that we keep the date and location for this year at QT on the Gold Coast on 14-15 September, so we have committed to run the best conference ever and hope to see everyone there!

Cgov Newsletter May

So I would like to hear your feedback, should we persist with the scheduled Conference in September this year, or defer the conference to a date in March 2021 next year, still at QT. Please use this feedback link and confirm your plans to attend and which date is preferred.

Cgov Newsletter April

We are continuing to operate at 100% of capability during this period of individual isolation and social distancing. I am sure you have all come across the same challenges with staff working from home and managing all relationships online. We are still manning the Brisbane Office but all project work and support requests are now 100% managed online

Cgov Newsletter March

Cgov is continuing to operate at full capacity and all our business continuity and work from home protocols are in place; with 85% of all staff now connecting online for work every morning. As at 27 March, we are maintaining a small presence in the Brisbane Office to answer the phone and provide direct access to our paper based records as they are needed.

Cgov Newsletter February

A belated welcome to the New Year. 2020 has started in a blaze of activity for Cgov. This year will see new Solutions released and a focus on deploying Cgov as a “No Code Application Development” Platform.

Cgov Newsletter November

Thankyou: Cgov celebrated our 10th birthday in September, with a special event at our Annual Conference. So as we look forward to our second decade I wanted to offer my personal thanks to all those who have made the journey with us.

Cgov Newsletter September

Cgov Conference Report: The Conference at QT on the Gold Coast was a great success. More than 50 people attended from 21 customers. The new program which had a lot more emphasis on Networking opportunities and product education was well received. We have sent feedback forms to all those who attended, please send us your comments and suggestions for next year. The Conference in 2020 will be at QT again on 14th and 15th September.

ANU University Ombuds, Complaint Managers & Student Advocates Conference 2019

This year Cgov is a sponsor of and will be attending the University Ombuds, Complaint Managers & Student Advocates Conference being held on the 12th September & 13th September 2019 at the Australian National University. The ANU Conference is a great opportunity for you to meet with your colleagues in the fields of grievance resolution,…

Cgov Conference 2019 & Our 10 Year Anniversary

This year we are excited to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We will again be showcasing our new solutions, enhancements and introducing a new open forum session. We look forward to seeing you on the 9th & 10th September 2019 at QT on the Gold Coast.

Cgov Newsletter July

Our new website will be launched this week so please check out There is new content with pages now dedicated to each of our Solutions and a lot more ways to keep in touch using Live Chat, Email or Cgov Forms. Please explore and let us know what you think!

Healthcare Leaders Forum 2019

This year Cgov is a major sponsor of and will be attending The Healthcare Leaders Forum being held on the 24th & 25th June 2019 at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

May 2019

Welcome to the countdown to 30 June. This year has flown by. There are several key dates to check for compliance with common Cgov workflows. 31 May is the AHPRA Registration renewal date for all Nurses. Any customers using our live AHPRA updates and risk management for their Nursing workforce will be able to check the progress of any overdue renewals over the next 2 weeks. 30 June is a common renewal date for Indemnity for Doctors in every Credentialing or Workforce Management Solution. Depending on your local business rules Cgov will be sending reminder and overdue notices for Indemnity…

March 2019

Pharmacy IPA and PGA Approvals and High Cost Drug Management App: This new App has already been implemented in several sites  this year. It is a business process to automate online approvals for non-list drugs or medications for individual patients (IPA) or multiple patient groups (PGA). It also includes a process for the approval and accounting for High Cost Drugs. We are able to implement and configure this App for local use within a week. This is a great example how Cgov can make a difference, especially with our new smartphone iForms interface.

January 2019

The Cgov Annual Conference provides our clients a chance to network, review case studies from successful Cgov implementations; and an opportunity for users to provide feedback on the future development of Cgov.  Don’t forget this year is our 10th anniversary which will be celebrated at the Conference Dinner.