Pharmacy Solution

Streamline non-formulary drug requests for individuals or groups of patients 


Non-formulary high-cost medicines are being used for a broad range of indications based largely on low levels of evidence¹. Hospital pharmacies are routinely asked to supply non-formulary medicines to individual patients with approval (IPA) or groups of patients’ approval (PGA). The challenge is how to balance the request, the patient’s needs, and evidence-based documentation while maintaining fiscal prudence. 

Cgov can help

Automate Non-Formulary Drug Request

Integrate with Pharmacy Software Systems

Automated reminders for renewals


Cgov IPA/PGA Solutions provide a standardised review process for high-cost medicines, linked with clinical evidence, budgetary oversight, and workflow approvals. Based on each organisation’s requirements, Cgov provides bespoke workflows within a commercially off-the-shelf solution. Replace paper-based documentation with Cgov, a cloud-based solution. 


Improve your department’s procedural governance while providing high-quality care through the appropriate use of high-cost medicines. On average, the Cgov Pharmacy Solution reduced the high-cost drug budget by 38% within the first six months of use. 

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¹Durvasula R, Kelly J, Schleyer A, Anawalt BD, Somani S, Dellit TH. Standardized Review and Approval Process for High-Cost Medication Use Promotes Value-Based Care in a Large Academic Medical System. Am Health Drug Benefits. 2018;11(2):65–73.