quality management solutions (qms)

The Cgov QMS application is a single product that integrates your processes and workflows for all standard Safety and Quality Case Types including Incidents, Complaints, Risk and Quality Improvement. Additional Case Types, or modules can be added for your local requirements including WHS, Review of Death, Alerts Tracking or Policy and Procedure Management.

  • Users should spend no more than 2 minutes to report an incident via a smart phone or laptop/PC. QMS auto-populates known data about locations, and involved personnel
  • Your specialist process owners be it Quality, Safety or HR staff have dedicated QMS apps to monitor the workflow and manage priorities for their Case Types
  • Line Managers, such as Nurse Unit Managers, can view their assigned tasks and priorities for all Case Types in a single dashboard with automatic reminders for all overdue and new tasks
  • Executive Staff and Managers can review each Case Type for organization wide, real-time KPI’s and lessons learned. Reports can easily be generated for meetings or external agencies
  • QMS integrates directly with external Agencies, like AHPRA as well as your local HR and Patient Records Systems
  • The management console gives an overview of all case types to be reviewed on a single screen.

A sample QMS workflow:  

Automate and Customise Workflows

Save Time and Money

Guarantee Compliance and Mitigate Risks

Management Console

Allows Executives and Line Managers, to view all quality activity in one easy dashboard. A dedicated inbox lists all overdue and new tasks for all Case Types as well as assigned Recommendations and Actions. Local reports and KPI’s are displayed for each Quality and Safety program area.

Configure QMS to your Local Requirements

QMS will configure all Case Types for the forms, classifications, workflows and reports you need. The System will be adapted to your specific policies, procedures, delegations and quality or safety priorities. 

Data Migration

QMS includes tools to migrate your existing data to ensure continuity of your incident data against EQUIP or ISO Standards. This enables longitudinal analysis of your data.


Integration with Local Databases State Registers

CgovAccess, our integration middleware platform is included and allows data to be automatically mapped and forwarded to local databases, other Agencies or State-wide Registers. 

Continuous Improvement and add New Case Types

The Cgov No-Code Toolkit ensures that your System is dynamic and can be continuously improved based on either feedback or changes to local, state, or national regulations. Each Case Type can be updated without affecting other Case Types.  At any time, you can add new secondary workflows from Cgov’s custom QMS Library including:

  • Quality Improvement PA/CA and Recommendations
  • M&M Processes (Review of Death)
  • MET Calls
  • Infection Management
  • Blood Exposure Management
  • Policy and Procedure Management
  • Work Instructions and Guidelines Management
  • Fire Management Systems (FMS)
  • WHS Checklists and Actions
  • Request and Release of information (RROI)