Cgov Research Management Solution

Why Improve Your Research Management Process

The Cgov Research Management Solution is an online “Off the Shelf” Cloud SaaS system designed for the workflow automation and process management of Research Projects.

The technology is Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on our Private Cloud with secure internet access provided from our data centre in Sydney. This provides you with IT services for secure hosting, back-up and disaster recovery capability.

The business case is to implement one system managing the business processes associated with research applications and program management to:

  • Manage data, workflows and reporting for all research enquiries, applications, approvals, progress reporting and financial reporting in one system. This removes your dependence on spreadsheets, home built databases and paper forms.
  • Integrate research management workflow and business automation with legacy operating systems  such as HR and Finance without incurring additional staff or software costs.

Our integration middleware CgovAccess is also included in this Solution to provide a library of template APIs for systems integration and a secure platform for the development of any APIs required for your local HR or payroll systems.

Automating Your Process for Success

Remove Your Dependence on Spreadsheets and Paper Forms

Integrate Research Management with Your Legacy Systems

Secure Hosting, Back-up and Disaster Recovery via the Cloud

The Benefits

Proven “Off the Shelf” solutions for all functional and technical requirements
Guaranteed compliance for all local Procedures, Delegations, By-Laws and Regulations. Maintain compliance as new standards and regulations emerge over time.
Ease and speed of use by the workforce, interface forms do not require dedicated training or log on for access by researchers.
Local System Administrators can use the Cgov Codeless Development Toolkit to maintain and update the Cgov Solution over time without incurring additional vendor support cost.
Unlimited warranty, guaranteed helpdesk support, free upgrades and new versions
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