Staff Medical Records and Vaccination Tracking

Struggling to manage staff vaccinations?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Cgov has focused on creating a comprehensive solution for healthcare organisations to manage and oversee staff immunisations and ensure overall staff compliance.

The Cgov Staff Medical Records solution allows infection prevention staff to manage staff immunisations, contraindications, allergies and exposure incidents all in one user-friendly cloud solution.

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Integration with Australian Immunisation Register!

Our connection to the ‘Australian Immunisation Register’ enables the direct retrieval of consented staff member immunisation records, eliminating the requirement to manually upload evidence. Our Staff Medical Record will be the trusted source of accurate immunisation information for all staff members in your organisation!

Timesaving for your staff members!

Alleviate the burden on your staff to provide proof of vaccination statements manually.

Through our integration with AIR and following consent from the individual, we can directly pull immunisation history on behalf of the individual into our platform!

The system can identify mandatory vaccinations based on that person’s role in your organisation.

User-friendly upload to a customisable online form to provide any required information from the staff member.

Comprehensive reporting for your executives!

All data is presented for your executive team in a user-friendly dashboard with interactive registers and graphical overviews.

Manage all staff immunisation compliance against state government or organisational requirements.

Our solution proactively notifies staff members regarding vaccination reminders and other action items, reducing organisational risk surrounding vaccination requirements.

Streamlined processing for your piece of mind!

A system developed for your infection prevention staff to easily manage staff members vaccination requirements.

Platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that users can quickly and easily complete their daily tasks.

We alert your infection prevention team when action is required.

Accessible on web browser, ensuring that infection prevention teams can access the platform through any device, at any time. 


Customised Workflows

Configurable Forms

Highly Automated

Reports at your fingertips

  • Sort, search, filter and group data at any time using the Cgov reporting module and dynamic registers.
  • Create dashboards configured to your organisational KPIs.
  • Build and save personal registers, only viewable to you.
  • Download content into your preferred file format at the click of a button.

Manage exposure incidents

The solution allows for automated processing of follow-up tests related to a staff member’s blood exposure and conveniently logs the history of exposures on a staff file.  

Streamline your data

Cgov can integrate with other software with both file-based and real-time interfaces available. We have developed integration solution with Human Resource (HR) Management Systems & Patient Administration Systems (PAS). 

See our integration page for more details!