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Cgov is a SaaS business automation and content management system. Using proprietary IP we build fixed price, affordable, custom cloud applications for digital transformation and process integration. Cgov Solutions gain immediate user acceptance without the costs and delays of traditional software projects.

Cgov offers a library of configured solutions plus a toolkit for building new solutions for local business requirements, using our proprietary codeless development framework.

The business case is to implement one system managing both master data and business process automation to:

  • Manage data and workflows for all operational, compliance, administrative, HR and finance activities in one system. This removes the dependence on spreadsheets, home built databases, and single purpose programs that are not able to be upgraded or maintained.
  • Integrate new cloud based workflow and business automation with legacy operating systems without incurring additional staff or software costs.

The technology is SaaS Private Cloud based and can be hosted externally or locally within your organisations environment. It allows large organisations to continuously improve existing programs and implement new workflow or business process programs without the cost or time of software development.

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Founded in 2009

Operations Across Australia and New Zealand

SaaS Solutions Used in Over 120 Sites

Over 700 Organisations Using Our PaaS Cloud Systems

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The Patient Safety Company presents TPSC Cloud™; an online quality & risk management platform. The platform hosts custom cloud solutions for workflow management and process automation. Each solution improves current processes, manages risks and increases quality and patient safety in healthcare. TPSC Cloud™ allows you to measure and optimize results for each stakeholder; patients, staff, management and even third parties. For more information, visit

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