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Over 375 sites have trusted Cgov as a solution with more than 10 years experience in the Cloud.

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Patient Safety

Cgov is proud to be active members of key health digital transformation organisations:

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Cgov offers a library of configured solutions plus a toolkit for building new solutions for local business requirements using our proprietary codeless development framework.

Solution of the Month

Cgov Solutions helps healthcare organisations to collect, verify and maintain immunisation schedules for all employees and medical staff with the Cgov Staff Health Records (SHR) Solution. Cgov provides a bi-directional interface to your HR database and automatic updates to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). The Cgov automated workflow will replace the need for manual collection or AIR updates for vaccination details. The Cgov system will create and send reminders for renewals and updates seamlessly and easily.      

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We are planning for a return to the Gold Coast for the Cgov Annual User Conference in 2022. The dates are the 12th – 13th September, so plan ahead if you need approval to travel this year. 


Join us at the 2022 Day Hospitals Australia National Conference, from 31 August to 2 September at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, in Hobart.


New Cgov Capabilities!
In many organisations integrating with other systems and real-time data has become a requirement. CgovAccess was developed to be the bridge between your Cgov solution and other systems.
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What we do

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A short introduction to the case study, the goals, outcomes, and benefits, etc.
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A short introduction to the case study, the goals, outcomes, and benefits, etc.
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The Patient Safety Company presents TPSC Cloud™; an online quality & risk management platform. The platform hosts custom cloud solutions for workflow management and process automation. Each solution improves current processes, manages risks and increases quality and patient safety in healthcare. TPSC Cloud™ allows you to measure and optimize results for each stakeholder; patients, staff, management and even third parties. For more information, visit

Founded in 2006, symplr is a global leader in enterprise Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) SaaS solutions.

We focus on a single mission: to make healthcare GRC simpler and more efficient for all constituents of the global healthcare community. Our solutions span provider data management, provider credentialing and payer enrolment services, patient safety, workforce management and vendor management. Our customers count on us every day to help drive and streamline their businesses with reliable and innovative GRC solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on the quality of their care for patients.