Credentialing and scope of clinical practice

Cgov Credentialing provides a comprehensive system to automate  the medical workforce credentialing processes. The system can easily import existing medical staff records for tracking and monitoring, in addition to new applicants seeking credentials. Cgov Credentialing proactively delivers the complete scope of clinical practice for SMO, VMO’s Nurses, Dentists, Allied Health, Pathology and Pharmacy professionals.

Scope of Practice


Off the Shelf Application

Automated Workflows

Cgov Credentialing allows local staff to process applications online, automated workflows collate and distribute additional information, endorsements, referees and recommendations. Combined with dashboards, reports and searchable registers, Cgov Credentialing delivers an integrated solution for medical workforce compliance.


Local Policies

Cgov Credentialing conforms to your organisational structure, policies and procedures. Administrative processes are developed to suit your preferred workflow and may be modified at any time without programming or software skills.  Our one-click approach for integrated solutions ensures immediate acceptance from clinical staff.

Cgov Credentialing automates all the business processes for Scope of Practice and associated HR functions. Managing scope includes:

  • New Applications
  • Temporary Applications
  • Urgent Scope Applications
  • Application Renewals
  • Variation in of Scope of Practice

Integration with AHPRA and Indemnity providers give the most accurate and updated information on each provider.

Additional business processes include, vaccination control, locum management, records of training, performance management, or M&M activities.


Single Integrated System

Cgov Credentialing provides one system for all credentialed staff.  It links scope of practice with AHPRA records and indemnity insurance.   Existing records in spreadsheets or databases can be loaded into Cgov for continuity. Reporting ensures compliance with local, State and National requirements.






  • “Off the Shelf” Credentialing Solutions available for Senior Doctors, Dentistry, Nursing & Midwifery, Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy, Mental Health, Allied Health
  • Configurable online forms and workflows for New Applications, Renewals and Variation to Scope
  • Automated online forms sent to Referees with reminders and follow up
  • Specific evidence of competency automatically collected, are linked to procedures in the Scope of Practice
  • Integration with Recruiting, HR or EMR systems
  • Ease of use for workforce acceptance, no log-ons required for medical workforce 
  • Manage feedback and change management quickly, confidently and without vendor costs
  • Fixed price and local customisation to your needs and reporting requirements