No-Code Toolkit for Healthcare

Cgov’s No-Code Toolkit enables front-line managers and employees to solve workflow problems. With a few clicks, employees can design, create, or modify solutions. The posibilities of no-code software in an organisation encourages and inspires employees to become “citizen developers”. It is as easy as think, design, click, drag, done!

No Code, No Problems!

Design, Click, Drag, Done

Save Time

Save Money

What the Cgov No-Code Toolkit means for…..


The Individual

This innovative software approach makes it possible for individuals to harmonise their workflows for greater efficiencies and effectiveness. Where better to solve problems than from those who work in those areas daily? Cgov trains individuals on the methodology – think, design, click, drag, done – it is that easy.



Individual departments can also create software solutions, without the need for scarce IT resources. Collaborating with colleagues to solve workflow problems is made easy with the No-Code Toolkit.



Organisations will benefit greatly from using the Cgov No-Code Toolkit. Studies show that organisations who use this platform can increase productivity and accelerate timelines for innovation and continuous improvement.

This leap in software development empowers healthcare staff to think, design, and create a solution they need to solve digital workflow issues. By improving the flow of data, organisations can reap the benefits


Cgov No-Code Community and beyond!

Collaborate with others and share ideas on solving workflow problems. Our network of organisations encompasses Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Build a portfolio of best practice solutions for your organisation and share it with the wider healthcare community. 


The power of innovation and digital transformation is at your fingertips with the Cgov No-code Toolkit. 

Cgov No-Code Toolkit Case Study

A large metropolitan health service made an enterprise-wide IT investment in a Tier 1 HR system. During the prolonged, 3-year implementation, it was evident the new HR system was not capable of meeting all the organisations needs and requirements. Any changes to the platform would require additional time, more money, and extra resources. Cgov was invited to help fill the gaps.

Within three months the Cgov Team solved this problem with the No-Code Toolkit for Healthcare. Cgov worked closely with the health service, to extract the workflow trigger data from the HR system, to incorporate this data into a new online process directly addressing the local requirements, and to push the data back into the HR system and maintain it as a source of truth over time. The No-Code Toolkit implemented the missing functionality quickly and easily, to enable a fully functional HR system.