Streamline risk & quality management

QMS Health, by Cgov, is the digital workflow platform that empowers organisations to streamline risk and quality management, allowing frontline teams to focus on patient care. 

Best practice is at your fingertips. Co-created with the healthcare community, QMS Health helps organisations drive continuous improvement and innovation by facilitating easy access for all staff, rapid platform updates and ongoing access to knowledgeable Australian based support. 

Why QMS Health?

Increase efficiency and transparency in managing risk

Overcome the pitfalls of paper systems or traditional enterprise software in managing quality for your organisation. With QMS Health, processes are kept moving, key information is stored securely and tasks allocation can be automated. 

  • Automate workflows and assignment of actions to reduce administration overhead
  • Set alerts and reminders to keep quality processes on track and within key SLAs 
  • Separated input areas for different teams for streamlined reporting 
  • Management dashboard for authorised people

Embed a culture of continuous improvement

Frontline teams have a lot of competing demands. The easy to access and intuitive web based reporting / data capture reduces the barriers to reporting, reviewing and managing quality and risk incidents 

  • Web based forms accessible from desktop and mobile devices means incident reporting can be completed without requiring a system login 
  • Customisable forms with mandatory fields to improve the quality of incident reporting from the outset 
  • Simple and secure to attach images and notes to incidents ensure key information can be tracked 
  • Platform updates can be made in weeks not months supporting an organisation’s need to adapt to changing requirements

Budget with certainty

Cost management for enterprise software can be challenging in large organisations. QMS Health provides value for money and predicable pricing to support wide adoption of the digital platform. 

  • Annual license cost makes budget management more predictable
  • Own the system with supported configuration possible by your own team saving you money with ongoing updates
  • Start with a single QMS Health app or mix and match apps to suit the demands of your healthcare organisation 
  • Proven platform in use across over 400 healthcare sites in ANZ

Single app or comprehensive coverage

Features frontline teams love

  • Web based forms mean incidents can be reported by everyone on any device – no login required 
  • Easily attach files and images to the incident to keep relevant information together 
  • Separated file processing guides users on the information they need to complete 
  • Alerts to complete tasks keeps users on track with what’s required from them 
  • Automated version control of action reports makes management of incidents easier for all stakeholders 
  • Free access to user groups to share knowledge and learn from other users 

As a trusted partner to over 400 healthcare sites across Australia and New Zealand, Cgov understands the need for flexibility and rapid configuration to keep pace with quality improvement requirements. 

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