Cgov Hospital Solutions

Medical Credentialing

Cgov Credentialing provides a comprehensive system to automate medical workforce credentialing processes, including senior medical staff, junior medical staff, nursing & midwifery, allied health, dentistry, mental health, and pharmacy.

Quality Management Solutions (QMS)

QMS is a single product that integrates your processes and workflows for Incidents, Complaints, Risk and Quality Improvement. CgovQMS also includes a management console to view all case types and review the process of all QMS cases on a single screen

Junior Medical Officer Management (JMO)

Automate your complex processes and multi-layer workflows including modules for recruiting and onboarding, allocations and roster management, and records of education.

Staff Health Records and AIR Integration

Cgov Solutions helps organisations to collect, verify and maintain immunisation schedules for all employees with the Cgov Staff Health Records (SHR) Solution. Cgov provides a bi-directional interface to your HR database and automatic updates to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

Workforce Management (MWM)

Medical Workforce Management (MWM) is a library of complex administrative workflows for all medical staff, administrative staff, volunteers and contractor staff (e.g. for staff grievance and misconduct management).

Library of Customer-Created Apps

The Cgov Library has over 200 customer-designed applications that help automate workflows and replace paper-based processes, and spreadsheets of single purpose databases.