Cgov Staff Health Records

Australian Immunisation Register

Cgov’s Staff Health Records (SHR) Solution helps organisations manage staff health assessments, vaccinations/boosters (including Covid 19 and Influenza) and allergies. Cgov’s integration with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) makes uploading vaccinations and boosters for staff, patients, or residents of aged care facilities easy. 


Staff Health Management

Workflow Automation

Integration with AIR

The dashboards of Cgov Staff Health Record conveniently display organisational-wide data on vaccinations and staff health statuses. Individual health history can be stored and viewed by specific administrators with decentralised control.

Staff or patient blood exposures and needle injuries are also managed easily with Cgov Staff Health Record. Individual incident details are linked to each episode for thorough follow up, tracking pathology results, and reporting. This data can be used to create reports, allowing for quality improvement strategies to be designed. 

Cgov Staff Health Records helps organisations meet the NSQHS Standard 3.2 requirement, which is Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Associated Infection Standards. This requires health service organisations to apply a quality improvement system to prevent and control healthcare-associated infections, and support antimicrobial stewardship. 

Integration is also available with Cgov Staff Health Records with our bespoke middleware, Cgov Access. Link data from Human Resource Solutions, EMRs, Payroll, or Quality Management systems for a seamless workflow. 

Cgov’s Staff Health Record with AIR integration makes managing staff health, vaccinations, boosters, and blood exposure management easy.