Cgov Access: Integration Middleware

Are there gaps in your current workflows?  We can help.

CgovAccess is our bespoke middleware that enables integration with core legacy IT systems, such as your local Business Intelligence Tool (BI), Human Resource Management System (HR), Patient Administration System (PAS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR/EHR) and Finance systems.  Integration allows workflows to run more smoothly and workflow gaps to be filled which creates complete transparency for  reports and audits.

CgovAccess creates seamless integration for customers which enables data to flow bi-directionally through applications.


Workflow Transparency


Cgov Access Overview Requirements

The overall goal of CgovAccess is to deal with the specifics of transport protocols between third party systems. Each detailed requirement varies based on each system’s unique API.

Allowing data to flow between systems is what Cgov Access provides; enabling seamless workflows within multiple systems. 

CgovAccess includes a library of template APIs for systems integration and a secure platform for the development of any APIs required for your local BI, HR, PAS, EMR or Finance systems.

Basic Requirements

M-1ConfigurationDefine endpoint parameters from and to, such as username and password for access
M-2Creation of routeDefine the process flow to send data between third party system and the backend, Cgov system
M-3Data transformationRequirement to convert inbound and outbound messages as part of the process flow
M-4Endpoint implementationDeal with the specifics of different endpoints before incoming data can be processed generically